First of all, it is important to note that the procedure of hair transplant is a single plastic & cosmetic surgery that is available at reasonable cost in India. Since the grade of Norwood baldness that defines the status of loss taken as the prime consideration to put the price of the procedure in India. Generally, per graft cost in India ranges between 25-130 INR/ considered as the most reasonable charges applicable in comparison to other western countries of the world. The hair transplant in Delhi comes among the budget pricey services in India and so the most of the clients or patients across the globe visit Delhi to get the reasonable cosmetic services with the expert hand of the surgeon.
In this article, we are mentioning the level of Norwood Grade that defines the cost of the hair transplant is described below:
Grade I or II
This is such a minimal or lesser grade of baldness that may be corrected through the PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy or some sorts of medications. The non-surgical methods are allowed to regain the lost hair. The surgical restoration is allowed only if the patients require the new hairline to resume the aesthetic look back. The PRP treatment along with the surgical restoration may charge a bit higher cost, but the cost of hair transplant in Delhi offers you the negotiation option with the inaugural discount or many more cost plan to get it done at a lesser cost as well.
Grade III
This is the middle state of hair loss that shows the extreme thinning of hair with the visible baldness requires the treatment at major. The hair loss can be seen through the temporal, as well as the top and front areas of the scalp that are needed to be covered with the hair transplants. This is the borderline of the baldness that requires the surgical restoration and the cost applied in Delhi is quite affordable. Generally, 1500-2000 grafts would be required for which the cost might be somewhere around 50,000-70,000 or more.
Grade IV
This is the clear state of hair loss that definitely requires the hair transplant procedure. This is the state which requires more than 3000 grafts and if a patient needs the high-density pack, the cost would rise accordingly. Generally, the recognized clinics provide free PRP therapy during the restoration procedure as well as a free of cost post-care facilities.
Grade V
Generally, you may require more than 3000 hair grafts and so the cost would be increased accordingly! The Norwood grade will be explained the needed number of grafts and hence the cost would be put accordingly. Normally, the cost may range from 80,000- 1, 50,000 INR.
Grade VI
The grade of baldness with Norwood VI requires a long hour hair transplant of 6-7 hours. Generally, the normal clinic requires two separate sessions for the procedure with two-day procedure, but the recognized clinics in Delhi offer you the procedure in just a single session no matter what hour will be extended to complete the procedure.
Grade VII
This is an extreme grade of baldness which requires more than 4500 hair grafts to fulfil the restoration need for the present grade of baldness. The cost would be decided on the lump sum basis and one can get the best reasonable cost offer in Delhi adhered to the quality facilities and care.

On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a permanent remedy to get over the issue of hair loss or baldness and the surgical restoration is quite affordable with multiple facilities in India.

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