Everyone in this world wants to have a look like their own king and a majestic appeal around their existence. What matter to of the things and what don't be in a common parlance says, "The man of Appeal"! Today's era is of smartness with the appeal and the brain, which is the top in our histological appearance, is synonymous with the top most priority concern. This is the first concern to develop an aesthetic appeal to fulfil the desire and wish to have an amazing look in front of our friends, family, colleague and in our office, society and in a group. When we talk about styling, it’s all about your facial expression and styles that everyone first gets from you. No doubt; it is a serious deal to empower your presence and expressions with the effect of your first look.
Most of the people in this world are regularly or seriously affected by our atmosphere- binding that affects their life and breath. We are living in a pollution producing zone that we regularly get from the water, air, and dust. This affects our whole body system resulted in some dysfunction and disadvantages that can cause the problems of hair falls and baldness. These days our young generations spent their lives in hostels or metro cities and they don't get the nutritious diet and pure water to the intake and that is why undergone to several hair problems.
Why People need hair Transplantation and what is it all about is best described below in the given points as follows:-
• A Key to get a great look: Transplantation of hair is the process of implanting the hair from the donor site to the recipient site with the effect of grafting followed by simple anaesthesia and use the application of the modern technique that is free from pain and discomfort is called transplanting of hair. This is the key of smartness for bald people and taken as a boon for the bald person since it is the mantra for getting younger by a simple process and very demanding among people.
• Transplantation is the Multiplication of simple steps: Transplantation process is defined by the application of four simple steps, which is divided into the micro applications of process viz. You don't face the pain and discomfort and assure you about your great presence and nice look.
Steps that are applying for transplant procedure is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are as follows:-
⦁ Step 1st "Harvesting Process": First of all hair transplant specialists, undergone the process of harvesting, in which a strip of hair that can be taken from androgen non-sensitive zone, which is termed as a safe donor zone. For harvesting process, doctors use simple anaesthesia that has resulted in a painless process of strip removal. This strip of hair contains the grafts.
⦁ Step 2nd "After Strip Harvesting": After completing the strip harvesting process doctors use the grafting process of hair implantation, which involves the process of moving individual hair follicles from the donor site to recipient site and is primarily spell used to treat male pattern baldness. After taking the strips technicians use a 20 X microscope to the magnification of each hair that assures you of zero error and resulted in 99% of successfully hair grafts. After segmentation of grafts that are put into a special solution (Saline water) so that the tissues will be active for longer.
⦁ Step 3rd “Artistically designed Hairline": The design of the hairline is atop most concern if you are going under implantation of hair. If the doctors don't have the experience they can mislead the patient by designing the wrong hairline. If the doctor offers you a great hairline designed for the hair with fully assured styling and as you look neat. Since the expert doctors have full knowledge and experience of implanting hair technique they can assure you about the nice look and balanced hair designed that suits your personality and affects the appeal positively.
⦁ Step 4th: "Making micro slits for Hair Implantation": In this process, technicians select the micro slits for transplanting the hair and with the use of technology of hair transplantation done the job in a very positive manner
⦁ Step 5th: "Hair Implantation": This is the final step of hair Implantation that is fully assured and served by the hair specialists, which involves the process of implanting hair in a very newly technique of US-standard that is free from pain and discomfort. Mostly, surgeons use Trichophytic closure to remove the scars of the transplantation zone after the procedure.
The benefits of hair transplantation in the context of needs and desires are highlighted below:-
⦁ It is a way to define yourself with confidence
⦁ It is an easy process that suited to your daily schedule (One-day procedure only)
⦁ Painless technique with simple use of anaesthesia
⦁ artistically designed a hairline that is suited to your Personality
On the whole, we can say that Hair Transplantation technique is a modern day need that is highly demanded among self-esteemed clients and now are available in a genuine way to sort out your hair problems.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Suneet is a Plastic Surgeon at Medispa in India, a clinic that performs hair transplant in India. With over 11 years experience in all areas of hair restoration & hair loss, he is also a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He is devoting to the treatment of hair loss using his state-of-the-art techniques.