Chronic hair fall is not addressed on time leads to premature balding. If scalp contracts any infection the first sign or symptom observed is hair loss. When hair loss is not controlled it leads to a receding hairline thus shedding hair on the upper head region creating a bald patch on the head. It is very hard to stimulate hair growth on bald patches and the only option once available for balding is temporarily masking the bald patch with wigs or artificial hair. Thankfully, with the advancement of technology, the hair transplantation surgery could restore the entire bald patch with real hair.
Hair transplantation surgery is the process of taking hair from one part and transferring it to the bald region. Hair units extracted from the donor region are usually expected to grow back in a few days whereas the transplanted hair is usually prone to be resistant for hair loss. Hair transplantation treatment usually shows the best results to treat male pattern baldness permanently
Hair transplantation treatment is a more efficient procedure to address hair loss or male pattern baldness than most of the home remedies or oral medications suggested for hair regrowth.

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