Handling and investigating offensive behavior at office has to take important factors into consideration. HR has to be sure its investigation preempts any retaliatory action from investigated employees.

Conducting an offensive behavior investigation at the workplace is quite a challenge for HR. A gauchely done investigation can trigger a backlash in the form of employee retaliation. So, how does HR carry out this balancing act?

It has to be admitted that there is perhaps no offensive behavior that happens without resultant reactions and consequences. Employers place themselves at great disadvantage if they carry out a legally untenable offensive behavior investigation. All of a sudden, the blame shifts to the employer from the employee, and the original act on the part of the employee, itself the root cause of the investigation gets overshadowed. This is why an offensive behavior investigation has to have all its bases covered.

Important points to keep in mind about the methods
Never be seen to conduct the investigation in a discriminatory fashion;
Should be seen to demonstrate a complete lack of prejudice;
Actions suggestive of any kind of bias should be avoided.

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