Being the flag carrier of Panama, Copa Airlines facilitates passengers with some exceptional services. Make Copa Airlines reservations and enjoy all the amazing facilities. Keeping your comfort in mind, Copa offers incredible on-board services, including beverages, food, and in-flight entertainment options. These amenities will make sure that your journey is smooth and comfortable. With these impeccable services, you will never face a dull moment during your flight. Let’s know more about the in-flight amenities provided by the airline. 

  • Beverage and meal service

On-board service depends upon the duration, destination, and time of your flight. You are also permitted to bring your own food in the flight, but alcoholic beverages are prohibited. On some selected flights, gluten-free meals are also available. Enjoy delicious meals and satiate your palate.  Opt for Copa Airlines reservations and enjoy your favorite food. 

  • Copa Showpass

Copa Showpass is the new on-board entertainment system that allows you to enjoy music, TV shows, and movies on your personal devices. Access the content through the official site of Copa Airlines or through the app of the airline. Connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi network and enjoy your favorite content without any hassle. 

  • Download the app of Copa Airlines.
  • Don’t forget to bring your charger in flight to charge your device.
  • Make sure to bring your headphones and enjoy your flight.

Use the dedicated Copa Airlines app and access all options of in-flight entertainment. You can also use this app to view your booking, web check-in, and more. Go for Copa Airlines reservations and have an enjoyable flight experience. 

To avoid any boredom in the flight, access the in-flight entertainment system. Follow these quick steps to use the entertainment system of the airline

  • Initially, connect to the Wi-Fi network, named as “Copa Showpass.” Keep in mind that it is not an Internet network.
  • Navigate to the official site of the airline on your mobile device or visit the entertainment section on the app of the airline.
  • Choose your desired content and enjoy Copa Showpass. 
  • On-board magazine

Learn about the in-flight magazine and video that Copa offers as the entertainment system for the ease of passengers. “Panorama of the Americas” is the exclusive and official magazine of Copa Airlines. More than 8.6 million travellers read this magazine every year. Distinguished by graphic excellence and editorial content, this amazing magazine has received various acknowledgments at a regional level. The magazine is most popular for its articles on literature, science, and tourism. Copa Airlines reservations allow you to fulfill your appetite for reading. 

Panorama de las Americas shows the best destinations of Copa Airlines every month. The show will display a thrilling trip full of culture, history, and traditions, which are combined in a fun and unique way. 

  • Travel tips 

In addition to these facilities, the airline will also provide travel tips to ensure smooth and comfortable travel. Follow these tips to reduce the fatigue and stress on long-haul flights.

During your flight, eat light meals.

  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • To stay hydrated, drink plenty of water before the flight.
  • Take a short nap of 30 to 40 minutes to adjust easily to the new time zone.
  • Keep changing your position during the flight. Perform simple stretches when possible. 

Avail benefits of all the facilities after making Copa Airlines reservations. 

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