Trekking in Nepal is being most common choice among trekkers across the world as they are just capable of exploring the beauty of nature. When it comes to trekking then there are number of options to make your itinerary ultimate and unforgettable. The Nepal is popular because of its different treks and other beautiful regions. This exciting and challenging trek to Everest Base Camp gives you the opportunity to take in some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Himalayas and set your eyes on the world's highest summit. Mt. Everest is the highest trek in Nepal which is popular for its high altitude and many more reasons. There are number of things which are responsible for the richness of Nepal and these make Nepal trekking a best option for tourism. Whenever you visit in Nepal then you need to consider a number of factors to ensure safety and effectiveness during the trip. If you love adventure and willing to enjoy incredible sights of Nepal then this is time to plan adventurous trip in Nepal.

What Makes Everest Base Camp Trek Amazing?

Mt Everest is the highest mountain in Nepal which is popular for adventurous travel because of its high altitude. Everest base camp trek is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy bungee jumping, hiking, river rafting, cycling or climbing. There are number of treks in Nepal which have captured interest from the people across the world. There are two main routes, Southeast and Northeast, for climbing Mt. Everest. Southeast is the most frequently-used route because it is generally considered safer and has easier access. The high altitude is perfect for climbing and hiking purpose so it is right to visit Everest base camp trek whenever you want a adventure trip with friends or family.

Nepal has eight peaks which are popular from the top ten in the world and these treks are successful to attract tourists from the world. These treks are categorized into three most common types including: Short treks, Medium treks and Large treks. If you want fully adventurous trip to enjoy adventurous sports then Annapurna circuit is also great choice. This is the trek that is surrounded by Annapurna circuit and will give you unbelievable experience of sightseeing. The majestic views and adventurous activities will make your trip unforgettable. You will definitely enjoy meeting with locals and will be able to explore the life of Nepalese people. If you are really willing to have a adventurous trip with friends or family then this is time to prefer Nepal trekking, a great alternative for you to explore beauty of nature.

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