Impotence is the inability to get a potent enough erection to perform the act of sexual intercourse. The causes are mainly emotional and psychological in origin, though physical factors may also contribute. The closing section of this article discusses brain entrainment as an effective cure of impotence.


Impotency affects men of all ages - from young adolescents to those of post-middle age. The factors which contribute to erectile problems though, differentiate between the various age groups. For example;

Young men are prone to impotency due to nervousness and anxiety concerning pregnancy and contraceptives, or a lack of confidence in their ability to perform.

The factors which contribute to impotence in those of middle age are stress, worry and tiredness. This is usually due to commitments within the workplace.

The sustainment of a firm erection becomes more problematic with increasing age. Studies show that the problem is caused by a narrowing of blood vessels which carry blood to the genitals. In 1997, research was carried out which suggests that within older men, there may be a deterioration within the arteries of the heart or brain.

It is evident however that psychological and emotional factors play a part in the majority of cases in which one is experiencing an erectile problem. This is not surprising considering the nature of modern day life, in which one is forced into a relentless state of bio-survival in order to get by, triggering waves of worry and anxiety. This inevitably interferes with love-making, the success of which depends on the ability to stay ‘in the moment’, without focusing on stressful and anxious thoughts related to everyday life.


With a binaural beats download, it becomes possible to entrain your mind and body into a calm, serene state, in which your focus is directed firmly within the present moment.

“The centre of the cyclone that is the mental storm, where all is calm”

Binaural beats work through brain entrainment technology, which can rewire your ‘bio-computer’, thus dramatically potentiating your ability to maintain a longer lasting erection.

Brain entrainment does not affect the genital region directly, but rather the psychological issues which prevent its proper functioning. Thus, a quelling of worry and anxiety is the pre-requisite for successful lovemaking.

The amount of time it takes to experience results will vary depending on the ability of the individual to adjust to the various brainwave-frequencies associated with calm mental states; though research suggests that the majority of people are receptive to this kind of therapy and should achieve results after a minimal number of sessions.

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