Have you bought a Hypnosis or NLP product that you like? If so, what is it that you like about it? Most people will buy a Hypnosis training product hoping that it will teach them "Hypnosis secrets that no one else has". These hypnosis products are ALL over the internet. If you've ever been burned by a poor training product you better believe that you're not the only person.

What do look for when you're reviewing a hypnosis product? Are you looking to gain a particular skill or even brushing up on your skillset? If you're looking to brush up your skill sets it may have occurred to you that some hypnosis training programs simply rehash everything else out there. If a particular hypnosis course is rehashing information is it at least making it much easier to understand? There are a couple of hypnosis trainers out there that do a pretty good job of repackaging readily available information in a much easier format to follow.

Two people come to mind that do a great job of making Hypnosis education. These two people are Igor Ledochowski and James Tripp. I have interviewed each of these people for my Hypnosis Podcast and can safely say that they care about the quality of their Hypnosis courses. They are able to take what have always been extremely advanced concepts in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and boil them down to the core components. They've made it much easier to learn Hypnosis.

There are quite a few people who don't like what they have done. The reason for this is very simple. They are scared. Any time a persons profession is put in danger because of other people making advanced concepts much easier to follow, they tend to act like a rat caught in the corner. Competition in any market is what causes markets to grow. Competition causes people to become resourceful and to become very innovative.

The key thing to keep an eye on in regards to learn hypnosis with any training program is this:

Is this a more innovative and or simple approach to doing Hypnosis or is it just some rehased b.s.?

You're going to want to learn Hypnosis and or NLP from a product that makes it extremely simple to understand. Why take something that could be simple and make it more complex? The reason trainers do this is to ensure they keep their students for the long haul. If a particular skill is hard to understand and or master then they can bilk more money out of their students. When you're ready to invest in a hypnosis training product or a live course make sure you ask yourself:

Will this hypnosis training product teach me something that I don't already know?

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Antonio Perez is a Hypnotherapist on the Island of Kauai that reviews Hypnosis Training Products. Make sure to subscribe to his newsletter to get 12 free Hypnosis and NLP training products from the worlds TOP experts.