Why Ireland loves HD Brows

HD Brows, the seven step brow shaping treatment that focuses on taming an scuplting eyebrows, is taking the Irish beauty world by storm. Here at La Spa Therapie Malahide, this hot new beauty trend is one of our most sought after treatments. As one of only a handful of HD Brows treatment to offer this service, clients are coming to La Spa from far and wide to get their HD brows.

So what is about HD Brows that us Irish beauties love so much?

It's simple: HD Brows look great! It's a simple assessment, but it's true. HD Brows make us look better groomed. Our stylish and sculpted brows make us feel polished and well presented. We look better, we feel better.

HD Brows - The Seven Step Brow Shaping Treatment  in Ireland

We're not looking for a mega glossy brow more suited to the cast of TOWIE. We just want a nice defined brow that elegantly frames our face, is easy to maintain, and makes us feel more confident in ourselves.

And after even just one session of the HD Brow treatment we can achieve these desired results.

The people in these photos aren't model or reality TV star wannbees. Their ordinary folk with slightly messy eyebrows in need of taming. And after their HD Brow treatment they’re ordinary folk with great looking eyebrows!

And that's why Ireland is learning to love HD Brows. Because after one pleasant pain-free and low cost treatment, we can improve our whole look. The HD Brows treatment not only sculpts and defines brows, it lifts and brightens the whole face - it's like getting a mini-facelift!

The HD Brow treatment step-by-step

The seven step procedure involves a consultation and eyebrow assessment followed by a mixture of waxing, threading, tinting, trimming and aftercare maintenance. Here are the steps in more detail...

  • Consultation - We assess your face shape, colouring, and natural brows and discuss your ideal look, to determine the best brow shape for you.
  • Tinting - We apply a tint to the brow to fill in gaps between the hairs and darken lighter hairs.
  • Waxing - We wax both above and below the brow line to create the perfect shape for you.
  • Threading - We thread the small hairs around the brows so they blend naturally in to the hairline.
  • Tweezing - We remove those pesky stubborn hairs with tweezers to perfectly fine tune your shape.
  • Trimming - We snip away any long straggly hairs so that your brow keeps its new defined shape.
  • Aftercare - We show you how to maintain your HD brow look at home, explaining how to use the HD Brow palette to groom your brows and how to apply the brow pencil and powder to further sculpt your brows at home.

So get in touch with La Spa today and make your first appointment for whole new look with HD Brows.

Image source: http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/

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