The health and well - being of our employees are very important issues that we must take into account. Being healthy is not the same as not having diseases, and well-being does not depend only on the physical section; It is also an emotional issue.

Of all the conditions that affect our well-being, work stress is one of the main ones. This is caused by a high pressure load at work, together with the imbalance between work and professional life.

Poor reconciliation is a constant in recent years, since digital technologies make us connected to work 24 hours a day. Recall that stress has dire consequences for the company.

Today there is a clear tendency among employees to opt for one job or another taking into account extra-salary factors, such as the presence of conciliatory and welfare policies in the company. The current employee will always prefer to work in a company that cares about him. The salary is not and everything.

But, beyond promoting corporate fitness, it serves as a talent attraction, applying these measures should be one of our main objectives as a modern company. And that is to achieve well-being in our workforce means that employees are happy with the work they do. According to a study consulted, a worker happy with his work is 88% more productive.

Corporate wellness: the physical well-being of employees

The first concept that arises when we talk about business policies that are committed to the health of its employees is that of corporate wellness.

The wellness programs focus on working the physical well - being through actions that promote healthy living. That is why, when we talk about corporate wellness, we are not limiting ourselves to a few concrete actions but to a wide range of measures that fall into the following categories:

Promotes healthy eating. For example, if your company has a kitchen, provide natural products to your employees. If, on the other hand, we have a vending machine, substitute snacks for healthier options.

It is possible to hire a nutritionist to advise our employees to feed themselves through talks about healthy eating.

Organize physical activities. We talk about actions that promote healthy living and at the same time enhance the image of the company: for example, by organizing a solidarity career, we encourage staff to exercise and, in passing, we generate a sense of community among employees. We can also give exercise sessions during the break or organize soccer tournaments among the staff.

Help the employee improve their reconciliation. As we have seen, one of the main causes of stress among workers lies in the fact that they do not successfully combine professional and personal life. Thus, actions such as enabling teleworking will undoubtedly improve the balance. Offering a flexible schedule is another measure that will also facilitate employee reconciliation. This action will also allow you to find time to do some physical activity during the workday.

Invest in wellness. In large companies the presence of a gym or yoga rooms inside offices is not uncommon. Although this is not the case for the vast majority of companies, having a gym is a valuable asset for potential employees. An alternative for small and medium businesses may be the copayment of the gym fee. However, it should be noted that corporate wellness can be enhanced without the need for large investments. An example is the adaptable desks to work standing up, which have a great impact on the health of employees by improving their physical posture.


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