Many of us are on the constant look out for the healthy cereals for breakfast to start our day with. What you eat at breakfast is most important and plays a big role in influencing your snacking habits. A good heart and healthy breakfast will make sure that you concentrate better and nourish your body in preparation of the day ahead. You may wonder what the best breakfast foods are and perhaps the healthiest muesli might be the one you make at home by yourself.

Recommended Grains
So if you decide to prepare your breakfast muesli at home then you need to start with a good muesli base. The recommended grains for this are organic grains: wheat flakes, rolled oats, rye flakes, barley kernels and Wheatgerm. The most common of these are Oats and wheat which are found popularly in many breakfast cereals as well as granolas, and are considered healthy and nutritious grains.

Flakes are the most common ingredients for muesli, and you can use them as the main element of your home made healthy breakfast food. A good idea is to experiment with different grains and you will soon know the ones you like.

Adding Nuts & Seeds
So the next thing you add is nuts and seeds. Try and choose organic and go easy on them as too many of them can be high in fat too and they are rich in protein. So you don’t need huge amounts. You can leave this out altogether if you wish your muesli to be high carb. And if you want to make it high in protein then add the nuts and seeds as well as tahini.
Almonds and coconut are best flaked. Hazels and almonds can be lightly toasted under the grill. You can also dry and roast small seeds such as sesame seeds in a pan over a low heat. However do remember that toasting nuts and seeds will shorten their shelf life so do consume the cereal quickly.

Using Fruits For breakfast muesli Recipe
And the last thing to as after is the fruit. Add in a small proportion of any of the following dried fruits: apple, apricots, banana, currants, dates, prunes, sultanas, raisins. Remember that dried fruits are quite concentrated in sugar so stay stingy and use little. You can add some superfoods powders as well and make it a beauty food as well. Fresh tropical fruits are good for summer, while in winter the best fruits to add would be pears and apples.

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Starting the day with healthy cereals for breakfast is something that boost you energy levels. Using muesli bars & cereals for preparing breakfast by mixing nuts, fruits & grains is a good recipe.