Healthy eating. One of the things I have noticed about people who get ill is that they fall into different categories. You have those who are self aware, informed, reaching out to do what they can to help themselves, where they find ways to improve their health without expecting the doctor or hospital to do it all for them. And there are those who think it is fine to smoke, drink a lot, eat a lot of junk food, over eat, ignore exercise, and then expect a doctor or hospital to wave a magic wand over it all and put it all right easily and quickly.

Up until a few years ago I never thought about being ill. I was always well, never had a cold, never had aches and pains. And then I started to be ill all of the time, it started with coughing and then more and more, and the doctor kept waiving it aside saying it was just this or just that and would pass, but I knew he was wrong. So I started to educate myself by googling things and researching.

And my research told me that I probably had an underactive thyroid. You must excuse my ignorance but I did not even know what a thyroid was! So I researched more and more and told my doctor and he ignored me. So I pushed and pushed and eventually and very reluctantly he did a blood test which confirmed I had an underactive thyroid. It was soon after I realise that other things were not right and I ended up being rushed into hospital many times unable to breath. I was told it was just asthma, but I was sure it was not. I was given inhalers which did not help or gave me worse side effects. They would not listen. More researching, more googling.
I told them I was sure I had GERD, again they would not listen. I insisted they check. They found stomach ulcers and GERD.

Ever since this started I have totally changed my attitude. I now eat far healthier than I ever did, I know what different minerals and vitamins are for and try to avoid bad foods like sugar. I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for people who are ill through no fault of their own, but struggle when they have chosen to abuse their bodies every day and then want sympathy.

My research tells me that my bad lifestyle caused leaky gut and you can repair it through diet, but it takes time. I am working on it and I have already had the doctor tell me that she does not know how , she is baffled, but my thyroid levels are far better now than they were six months ago, which is very unusual.

It is so easy now to research things online, it is so easy to do ones's best. Unfortunately I live in the UK where people take it as normal that they can go back and forth to the doctor as many times as they want for "free" and I think they would try harder to stay fit and healthy if they had to pay. But there you go, and I do not want to start going on about money and politics.

Whatever health problems you have I am sure that lifestyle and diet comes into helping it, and if you are totally well now plays an important part in preventing it from getting worse or happening in the first place. I know a naturopath who is nearly ninety and is fitter and healthier than many people of thirty.

You are what you eat. Healthy eating.

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