Your meal of the morning is most vital as this fuels you for the day and keep you going. There are so very many breakfast options these days in the market. From muesli to flakes and granola to breakfast bars. There is a whole lot more to choose from. Whatever you do make your breakfast healthy and be sure you are starting your day with something nutritious so you enjoy and perform better during the day.

Healthy Breakfast Cereals
Ever heard of Granola? Well all you need to do is walk down a supermarket aisle and check out all the cereals for breakfast they have available. Breakfast has never been the same again, since the advent of Kellogg in the 18th Century. There are all sorts of breakfast options available and you need to know which one is the best one for you. These days there is an increase in popularity for breakfast cereal bars, and there are plenty to choose from. There is the muesli bar, nut and cereal bars and also the granola bars.

What exactly is Granola then, well the main ingredient in this is the wonderful oats. And you can’t go wrong with oats. These have been rolled and toasted with other grains, nuts and fruits. Most are sweetened with honey, or even with maple syrup. The good thing with granola is that it can be eaten in many ways. It’s not just a cereal ingredient but can be used for even topping up deserts. It offers a great crunchy texture and a very delicious taste. There are different types and the thing is to remember to opt for healthy versions. Some cereals come with granola as a loose ingredient in the cereal while the granola bar is a pressed version, more like compressed actually. Many then may have some added ingredients like fruits, berries, seeds and even chocolate chips but that might not be so healthy.

You could also make granola at home for you and your family. This way you could really experiment with the taste and the texture as well as make sure that you are adding healthier sweetening options and avoiding sugar. You could make your very own bar at home and make it as sweet or as fruits to you taste. There are plenty of great recipes on how to make this at home and it’s not that complicated. You may have to get the hang of it as first but once you do you may just realise there is no going back to the supermarket cereals for breakfast.

It really is important to find a cereal that is healthy as you not want to take the package at face value. Healthy cereals should ideally be high in fibre and low in sugar. Cereals that contain wholegrain is also good and oats are just one of the best ways to start the day with.
You’ll find lots of granola cereal varieties in health food and natural food stores. Read labels thoroughly. Most granola cereal depends on some oil to help clump oats and other ingredients together and to make the cereal crunchy. Some versions have large amounts of honey or other sugars that will increase calories. However, in health food stores, you may be able to find lower calorie and lower fat versions.

Granola is very popular in the USA and gaining popularity in the UK now too. Cereal manufacturers are offering many more breakfast options these days compared to the conventional breakfast cereal. There are many functional cereals out there for specific health benefits.

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For living a blissful life you need to keep you body fit and healthy. Believe breakfast cereals that are rich in vitamins and low in calories help us in living a healthy life. You can choose from various kind of breakfast foods like,Muesli bars and many more that fits your diet.