Did you know that there are over 30,000 hyped up "diets" approved by the FDA... and 99% of them lead to LONG TERM FAILURE! Healthy weight loss is not complicated, with simple conditioning and endurance exercises, fat burning cardio workouts and body building training, it is possible to get in shape and tone up, and lose weight, without any gimmicks or trickery, and without spending too much hard earned cash either.

Healthy weight loss is a gradual process. Do not expect it to be a walk in the park, whether you aim to simply drop a dress size, or one hundred pounds, it will take drastic changes in your lifestyle and a high level of commitment. Healthy weight loss is the single best way to lose weight. It is safe, natural, and permanent weight loss.

Often when a person loses weight quickly they aren't actually losing fat but rather water and muscle from their body instead. With any healthy weight loss plans a person should be aiming to lose around 1 to 2 pounds of weight each week.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy weight loss is more of a lifestyle choice than a simple diet. Living a healthy lifestyle can be simple and easy to do, through a variety of ideas, tips and resources and by focusing on the things people who manage to lose weight and keep it off have in common. But at the end of the day, healthy weight loss is, and will always be first and foremost, about : eating right, exercising, and having a lifestyle, which promotes good health and nutrition.

Healthy Foods

How much money, time and energy have you wasted on ridiculous diets, diet programs, diet products that all claim to be diets that work,only to find that years down the track you still aren't the Slenderella they promised you, you'd be.

Motivated and successful individuals that have succeeded in achieving their ideal weight know that fad diets and "magic silver bullet solutions" simply do not work, and only make your wallet lighter.

You need to have the information about which diets are effective, how often you should be visiting your gym and what exercises you should be performing to accomplish what you are striving for. By understanding healthy foods, they have the foundations to build on and protect their health throughout their lives, without the need to resort to crash diets.


Losing weight, if we are talking about healthy weight loss, is a way towards having a better functional, stronger body, not just because of the actual loss of those extra pounds, but also because it gets our bodies used to keeping to a healthy diet and a regime of fitness exercises.

Add just a few exercises at first, focusing on basic compound movements and push/pull exercises in which you move more than one joint, with one to two sets each of eight to 12 repetitions.

If your exercise routine is in need of a jump start, or if you find yourself not making the progress that you want to, try adding some resistance training exercises into your routine. However, generally the large muscles of the lower body are trained before the smaller muscles of the upper body, because these exercises require more mental and physical energy.


Healthy weight loss is about eating sensibly and healthily, helping you feel good inside and out. Healthy weight loss is about energising yourself, and equipping you to maintain a healthy weight not just for a month of two, but for years and years.

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