Angina is the symptom associated with coronary artery disease, that occurs when heart is not receiving enough blood. It occurs when heart muscle become dysfunctional due to the often narrowed or blocked vessels that carry blood. Angina may feel like chest pain or pressure, shortness of breath, pain in the jaw, neck, arms, back, nausea, or generalized fatigue. Each patient experience angina differently.

Now a new treatment Extracorporeal Shockwave Myocardial Revascularization (ESMR) utilizes sound waves (like ultrasound) focused on the ischemic areas to improve the blood supply to heart muscles. Even Ischemic heart areas not accessible by Bypass surgery or Balloon Angioplasty and stent, could be treated with the ESMR therapy to relieve symptoms resulted from the myocardial ischemia.

ESMR Therapy is simple 3 half hour treatment sessions a week for 3 weeks. It forms new natural blood vessels which improve the oxygenated blood supply to the affected portion of the heart non-surgically or non-pharmaceutically. For the reason it is called non-invasive or non-surgical Bypass treatment or Non Invasive Cardiac Angiogenesis Therapy. Now patients can opt for this new treatment alternative to heart angioplasty heart stents and heart bypass surgery (CABG) says Dr Sibia, Director Sibia medical Centre who is pioneer in non-surgical treatments in the country.

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