Your heart is your life, right? Most people will often want to take care of their heart health at all times, which is valuable. However, sometimes things will go beyond our abilities, and experts will have to come in. Perhaps such would be the ideal time for you to visit an expert to help with peripheral artery disease in Frisco.

Besides the desire to maintain a healthy heart, it will be valuable to understand the importance of the arteries. Unless your arteries are correctly functional, you could end up with profound complications. So, how much do you know about arteries and the conditions that they could be vulnerable to? Have you heard about peripheral artery diseases? Here are a few basics that you should always keep in mind.

What is Peripheral Artery Disease?

You could also refer to it as the peripheral arterial condition. It is a common circulatory problem that highlights the narrowing of various arteries within the body. This causes a lack of blood circulating to your arms and legs. The inadequate supply of blood to these parts often compromises movement.

This condition could affect anyone, but it is common among the aging. It begins with increased accumulation of multiple fatty deposits within the arteries. These deposits will end up compromising the efficient flow of blood to both the heart and the brain. That is usually along with the sufferings of your limbs.

Interestingly, the most significant contributor to this condition can comfortably be avoided. More than often, smoking and obesity will be behind this condition. As long as you maintain fitness, you can, indeed, keep the problem at bay. Some of the other causes of the peripheral arterial condition include diabetes, cholesterol, and genetics. Remember, aging is yet another critical one.

Symptoms of the Condition

Various signs go into highlighting the presence of this problem in your body. Some of the most significant symptoms will often include the following.

Unusual cramping in your hips, thighs, and calf muscles is frequent. It is painful and becomes evident after partaking in little strenuous activities.

  • Your lower limb will often feel cold, weak, and numb.
  • Soreness in your legs, toes, and feet
  • Erectile dysfunction will be evident, especially among diabetic men
  • Dead tissues or gangrene
  • Presence of wounds on your feet or toes that won’t heal
  • Your nails will take much longer to grow


Different methods come in handy in diagnosing this condition. It will often be dependent on the severity of the issue and the direction of the expert. They include the following.

  • Physical exams, where they will confirm your pulse and check for whooshing sounds
  • An ankle-brachial index can also be vital in comparing the blood pressure of your arms against that of the feet
  • They could also conduct an ultrasound to confirm the blood flow in your blood
  • Various blood tests will also be helpful in this pursuit

Usually, you will avoid this condition by ceasing tobacco usage. Healthy diets will also come in handy. The doctor could prescribe lifestyle drugs and medical procedures whenever necessary. Do you have any symptoms? How about you reach out to Dr. Rishin Shah today.

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