The relationship between husband and wife is one of the best affiliations in the world provided both have mutual understanding. But, it can be no less than a nightmare if both have misunderstandings and mistrust. Its well-known quote that spouses should be like best friends in mutual conversation and understanding, both should be defensive and protective for each other like siblings, both should act like kids in being humorous and forgiving and playful in the dramas of life and both should be like husband and wife in arguing with each other.

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Just like small bricks add into the construction of grand and magnificent building, similarly daily life care, love and understanding makes towards a healthy and comfortable life. Both spouses should create such atmosphere that the nights are brightened with natural and sound sleep in such a way that they make their days even more rejuvenated.

Described here are five ways to assist your spouse to get a better night’s sleep:

• Sharing is Caring at Bedtime too
• Sensual Comfort Leads to Deep Sleep:
• Creating Soothing Room Environment:
• Encouraging and Calming Words Before Sleep
• Daily Reminder of Strong Love-Bonding
• Empty Stomach Needs no Sleep and Best Dinner Leads to Best Sleep

• ‘Sharing is Caring’ at Bedtime too

Your spouse would sleep better if she or he gives vent to his or her feelings, troubles and worries fully before sleeping. In daily life, both face different situations and feel differently, but have to suppress their anger or emotions as they cannot burst like volcano. In other words, they have to tolerate different tough situations but at times, quite opposite to this are that sometimes they encounter interesting incidents or humorous circumstances too but due to busy life cannot respond to it properly.

By sharing the thoughts with you at bedtime, your partner would be mentally relaxed and contented to sleep soundly. As ‘sharing is caring’, so it is also well-said that be sharing, grieves get lessened but sharing doubles the happiness. If both of you share your experiences during the whole day then the night would become a source of comfort for both and would make you have comfortable mind to sleep calmly and to perform better the next day.

• Sensual Comfort Leads to Deep Sleep

The relation of spouses, on one side, is all about sharing, understanding and trusting while on the other hand, it’s about being in state of excitement and pleasure too. Each one of you should be aware about the sexual needs of each other at bedtime. According to a research, sexual pleasure is the best thing to make your spouse mentally relaxed for the whole night and for the next day’s alertness too. Deep sleep can be induced with sensual pleasure well.
By providing your partner with a pleasurable sensual contact through a good body-massage, by having a bath together before bed, through cuddling or with bed time romance with some light music can put your spouse to a better sleep with a tranquil mind.

• Creating Soothing Room Environment

Room environment makes a great difference in getting a better sleep. Dimly-lit room or dark room with coolness relaxes an exhausted mind. Women are usually fond of making their room fragrant by decorating some fully-scented fresh flowers in the vase on the side table or beside their pillow. A sleep-friendly pillow with sprinkles of lavender water may send your partner quickly to sleep.

Or your spouse may find quiet and dark room conducive to good sleep. If a dog is barking or someone is watching movie in loud volume or raising slogans to back up his favorite team in the Football tournament in the next room or continuous drip-drop from the bathroom or light peeping in from streetlights, is all that you have then you are gone! Similarly, if the mattress is not cozy then your sleep is spoilt. You can create a room which goes with your needs as the sleep of both individuals is necessary for good health.

• Encouraging and Calming Words Before Sleep

Try to understand psychological condition of your spouse. Night is the time when activities of whole day are revived. If you find that your spouse is in low-spirits or despondent then try to calm him down with soothing and comforting words.

One can be in any state of mind regarding social issues and financial or health problems. Your words always have a healing effect and once you diminish the worries or tensions of your spouse through your motivational words then you would feel he or she would have a better sleep. Encouraging words can heal a broken heart or distressed feelings at once.

• Daily Reminder of Strong Love-Bonding

Night is the best time to strengthen love-bonding as in bed being arm in arm, you can make promises of ideal love life. A sorry on a small mistake, a loving kiss for presenting you with a flower in the evening, caressing him or her for making tea for you etc. are the seemingly small gestures but these can cast a drastic impact on your marital life. Such daily reminders of sharing the feeling of being in one umbrella when it rained at day time can enhance the fragrance of your love and set a smiling sleep scene for both.

• Empty Stomach Needs no Sleep and Best Dinner Leads to Best Sleep

It is well-known saying: ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’. Though it fits for both spouses as an empty stomach would destroy your night’s sleep. One needs energy to sleep naturally and therefore a light food is the best cure for better sleep. If you haven’t taken a good supper, the hunger may awake you in the middle of night until you eat something to sleep again.
Though it seems nuts but a heavy meal too at night would never let you sleep calmly. A bad food marks a bad stomach so take care of the meals well!

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