Money! To most people, this is a dirty word. To your body, it’s considered an allergy. So, how do YOU feel about Money? When you see someone who obviously has money, what do you think? What we feel and think about has a direct result on how we receive and keep money. If money is a dirty word to you, bringing up connotations of evil people doing bad things, then energetically you will push money away because your subconscious believes it is evil!

You can get a wide range of responses when you ask a group of people what their feelings are about money. Some even have a hard time voicing the word, as “money” carries with it an evil connotation. Spiritual beliefs come into play as well. Most religions teach that money corrupts people, so the belief that the money is evil is prevalent, and that money will corrupt even the most noble. Therein is the belief that you can’t have it all. You cannot be happy and rich at the same time.

Even in our culture, in movies, and on T.V. we see rich people doing strange things. Not always utilizing their money for good, acting selfish and amoral. We often find ourselves in groups scoffing at the rich and consciously and subconsciously rooting for their downfall. We often feel they are just “lucky.” That they did not work for it, that is was just given to them. Thus, we tend to feel that money is not fair, that either you are just “lucky” or you have to work really hard for it, often putting in an enormous amount of hours at work trying to get ahead. The thought that you don’t deserve to have money is often the result of such thoughts.

Safety issues also come into play when you think about being able to make money. Others, even family members, tend to shun those who are able to make money and keep it, often judging them harshly. We all try to stay away from things that we know others will judge us harshly on, so our mental safety is in jeopardy if we make a large amount of money, so subconsciously we will push it away. Safety also comes into play when thinking about taxes. If you make too much, you will be in a higher tax bracket, so some will not make a good income just to “stick it” to the IRS and show them who really is boss.

This really leads to quite a quandary when we are trying to make a good living. We tend to create what is called a “set point” with regard to our wealth. We determine in our subconscious what amount we can make and feel comfortable doing it, all while bringing up the emotions that you aren’t good enough to have a lot of money, or you’re an evil person and will be judged as such. That amount we create in our minds is the amount we usually are making at this point in your life, and usually it is either not enough, or you can’t seem to keep it in your hands and you go through it very fast, as you don’t deserve this so you need to get rid of it before anyone notices.

The emotions listed above are what we call “limiting beliefs.” These are beliefs that keep us stuck in a cycle, never really making progress. Most of these thought processes or beliefs are ones that lie deep in our subconscious, only rearing its ugly head when you attempt to move past it. They are very powerful beliefs, but not necessarily ones that you would consciously think of when trying to get a better job or make more money. The best way to flush out what you truly feel about money is to stop for a minute and look over the emotions listed above. Do any of them trigger a response? When you sit down and think about your debt and the money you make, what emotions come to the surface? Do you feel like it will never be enough? Do you deserve to make enough? Does the thought come up that if you could just make enough to cover the bills you would be happy? Do you have a hard time even envisioning what that would be like?

If some of this triggers a response and you would like to get past that, let me introduce you to the new world of psychological acupressure. Acupressure itself is known world wide for targeting blocks in your energy system and clearing that point, thus enabling the energy to flow freely and allowing your body to heal itself. Psychological acupressure is the same concept, only this begins with the belief that emotions have an energetic charge and get stuck somewhere in your body. The belief that emotions cause disease is not a new one. The studies done in relation to stress are overpowering in their outcome. Stress causes physical problems. Emotional trauma causes physical problems. So, just take it one step further now, limiting beliefs cause an emotional block that keeps you mired in its clutches. The subconscious mind is very powerful and can override conscious thoughts.

So, even though just the title of psychological acupressure can be intimidating, let me teach you a little bit on how you can clear these blocks on your own and move past some of these beliefs that are keeping you bogged down.

First of all, we need to clear the allergy that your body carries to money. Money is naturally full of germs. It just passes through too many hands to not pick up something that your body would like to reject. So, find a dollar bill and hold it in your hand. To clear this, we are going to make what is called a setup statement. This is done at what is called the “circuit board” to your body, or karate chop point. You take two fingers from your opposite hand and continuously tap on the karate chop area of your hand (the part of the hand that hits the board in a karate chop, on the side where the pinky finger is) and make a statement. This set-up statement is in two parts and can be very simple. You state: “Even though my body is rejecting this money and has developed an allergy to it, I deeply and completely accept myself.” You must always have the negative statement coupled with the positive statement. When you tell your body you are having a problem in an area, you then need to give it a positive thought that alludes to the fact that you are okay with yourself, even though you have that problem. That enables the body to release the problem, knowing you will be okay without it. The body is just trying to protect you, and it has an amazing capacity to do that very efficiently.

After making that statement three times while tapping continuously at this karate chop area, you then move up to the actual acupressure points that will clear this allergy. You start on the inside corner of your eyebrow. You take two fingers and continuously tap on this area while making the negative statement, “My body is allergic to this money.” At each point you make that same statement, as you clear blocks in your energy system, by stating the negative. After the inside corner of the eyebrow you go to the outside corner of the eyebrow and make the same statement. You then proceed to under the eye on your cheekbone, under your nose, on your chin, on your collarbone point (the area that juts out where the neck and upper chest meet), and under your arm (the area where a ladies bra would be). At each of these points you are making that negative statement. At the end, tap on the very top of your head, on the crown, and make a positive statement, saying, “I choose to release this allergy.” This is all it takes. It’s a very simple process, but a very effective one.

The next step would be the reversal. This is to reverse the energy system to be in line with what you want to do. Another word for it is will power. When you feel like you have no will power, it is usually your subconscious overpowering your conscious thoughts and a reversal is what brings that in sync. It is very simple to do. You simply tap continuously at your karate chop and make the statement, “Even though I don’t deserve to make good money, I’m okay,” or “Even though I don’t feel safe with that kind of money, I’m okay.” It is a statement that says, even though I don’t want _____ (wealth, abundance, safety, etc), I’m okay. You only do this ONE time at your karate chop point, not three, and that is all you do. If you tell your body you do not want something, it reverses your energy so you do. Simplistic approach, but very effective.

So now that we have our allergy gone, and our energy is in sync, let’s take a moment to sit down and relax, and take a few minutes to assess where you are in your life and what your true feelings about money are. What sentences above triggered a response in you? Do you have a memory of a parent or teacher giving you some advice about money and its evils? If so, these are the things you need to release. You do that the same way you cleared the allergy, but with a different set-up statement. These set-up statements would be something like this, “Even though I feel money is evil, I deeply and completely accept myself,” or “Even though I have this memory of my dad telling me that rich people make their money off the backs of the poor, I deeply and completely accept myself,” or “Even though I will be judged if I make a lot of money, I deeply and completely accept myself.” These are just examples of some of the ways to make these statements. Then at each point listed above, i.e. inner eyebrow, outer eyebrow, under eye, under nose, on chin, collarbone, and under the arm, make the negative part of the statement, i.e. “money is evil,” “I will be judged if I make a lot of money,” or “I have this memory from my dad making me believe that rich people are evil.”

That is how you clear that thought process. However, as you clear a sentence, pay attention to what you are thinking. If you are clearing the fact that you believe money is evil, and a memory of someone telling you that pops into your brain, you need to clear that memory the same way you just cleared the belief. Your body is amazing at how it will bring up issues relating to what you are clearing, but you just need to listen and pay attention to what you are thinking.

So, you are now EMPOWERED with a tool that can change your financial life. The positive energy you send out is what you draw to you. You can, however, choose to tap, or not to tap, but I have now given you the key. The next step is yours.

Author's Bio: 

I am a certified Health Coach with training in several disciplines of acupressure, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and ESM (Environmental Stress Management), as well as certified in Kinetic testing. I have been an Energy Coach for over 15 years and have treated patients with severe autoimmune diseases on down to limiting beliefs. I have taught classes and over hundreds of people this technique, empowering them to not just be ordinary, but be extraordinary.

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