Does someone you love keep the TV on too loud? Do you get frustrated when you have to keep repeating yourself? Has this person started talking less?

There are times when people do not realize that they suffer from hearing loss. However, there are ways you can help make the process less stressful. Here are some practical tips from Lawrence Hearing Aid Center on how to deal with some of these common concerns.

Recognize the Issue:

Before you get started, you need to understand how stressful it is to suffer a hearing loss. As they tend to get frustrated, worn out, and feel isolated at times. There are times when they might start to blame themselves for the issue, and feel that their brain is deteriorating. Even if they know they suffer from hearing loss, it might be hard for them to realize how worse the problem could get. Which is why they will put off the matter for as long as they can, as they do not wish to feel old, disabled, and weak. These three reasons scare them off, and they are unable to function normally. This is why you need to take care of this sensitive matter carefully.

How to Introduce the Idea?

The ideal way to deal with the issue is by having a one-on-one conversation. Try to talk slowly and clearly, so they understand you. To help you out we have listed a few key details you can discuss with them.

●Start by asking them if they would like to come along for a free hearing evaluation test. Suggest that it is required, and even if nothing comes up, you will know you are healthy.
●Remind them how common the problem is, and how it can impact your lives together. Tell them that 1 in 3 adults over 65, and 1 in 6 from 41 to 59 suffer from hearing loss.
●Then move the topic towards how great it would be if you guys could hear the same way you could before, and not have to go through life assuming what the next person might have said.
●Inform them about the advancements, and how a fairly small device can help them.
●Suggest that you both take a free online hearing test, and then go in for a free evaluation.

Patience is Key

You loved one might not be open to the idea, or may be willing to consider the matter in a few years. However, the longer you wait, the worse it will get. Which is why you need to talk to them and make them understand how important it is. The sooner you get a control over the issue, the better. Which is why you should keep on raising awareness on the matter, but do not push them. Be as gentle as you can, and hold onto your patience level. By informing your loved one about the issue, you will plant a thought in their head. Keep on nurturing the though, and soon they will be confident enough to admit that they have a problem, or admit it enough to go in for a free evaluation.

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