Colic affects between 10% to 20% of babies and is when a baby cries and fusses inconsolable for 3 weeks or more, for several hours a day. The baby will have legs that are flexed, tight stomach muscles, fists clenched and the crying is more piercing and pain-filled than their regular cry. Colic generally hits at around 3 weeks old. In most cases, it will stop around 3 months old, but some babies do have it up to 6 months old. No definite known cause has been identified. Colic treatments Ocean County or elsewhere are something parents look for. Medication is one option but not always as effective as parents hope for. So one of the alternative options available is chiropractic.

Why chiropractic treatment?

There has been a lot of study and research on the topic of colic, specifically what causes it, so that better treatment can be developed. But so far it remains something traditional medicine does not know precisely what the cause is. Some babies do well with traditional treatments, but some do not. Chiropractic care if a natural option that has no danger of side effects. Over 90% of babies show some improvement after seeing a pediatric chiropractor, Ocean County or elsewhere. It is a gentle and successful way to treat colic without causing any harm leaving babies relaxed after.

Studies on its effectiveness

Other treatments include medication, positioning and massage, and changes in the baby's diet, or the diet of the breastfeeding mother. According to small studies done in the chiropractic industry, it shows more success than those methods in some cases. 20 years ago a study conducted on two groups of babies with colic showed the group that received gentle spinal manipulation showed a significant decrease in how much they cried. Almost a 70% reduction. The other group took medication and had a 38% reduction in crying. Results in another study show improvement after just three visits with a period of two weeks.

Reduce your stress and your baby's stress levels

Chiropractic is not an out-there alternative medicine to be equated with snakeskin oil and such. It is a real and proven process that returns a body to its normal function. In adults, the adjustments are more forceful and help relieve pain and relax you. In a baby for colic treatments Ocean County a professional and qualified pediatric chiropractor will make very different adjustments. They are more gentle, the baby will at the least feel less stressed after treatment.

Having a colicky baby is so stressful. You lack sleep, you are unable to help your baby so have a massive load of guilt. Your baby is suffering and so are you. Sometimes the mother-baby bonding process can be put at risk because the baby cannot be soothed and you feel useless. It can increase the risk of depression in the mother, and of course, it affects the rest of the household too. Seeing a chiropractor might be able to help with all that pain and stress.


A pediatric chiropractor Ocean County is a great option for parents in need of something else to try for their baby. There is no danger or risk to them and it could ease the colic symptoms. Have a look at the options you have and find someone you trust to help you.


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