To remove minor physical problems people have been using herbal preventive from a long time. The herbal preventives don’t have any side effect. So, you can prevent the minor diseases using these herbal preventives without any tension.

Let us have an eye to few these types of herbal preventives.

Removing mouth bad smell.

Does bad smell come out of your mouth? Don’t be tensed! Here is your solution.

At first, boil some drinking water and then add one pinch of cinnamon powder along with few drops of honey. You should reduce the hit of the water to make it mild hot. Then sip the liquid mixture and gurgle. You should do that several times in 3 minutes.

Cold and cough.

Do you catch a cold often? If you have less capability of preventing disease, the body becomes vulnerable to various diseases. But the solution is also here.

To develop your immunity, you have to follow a herbal solution. For that, you need green tea, cinnamon, and honey. At first mix a pinch of cinnamon powder with green tea. Then add few drops of honey into it. Now the liquid is ready to use. You should drink this liquid every morning.

This liquor actually helps to fight your body against bacteria and in this way it enhances your immunity from inside the body.

Cholesterol control.

One of the major problems of the modern life is increased cholesterol in the blood. This cholesterol ultimately leads you to a heart attack by increasing your blood pressure. Thus, it is a major concern for the health conscious people. You needn’t be tensed so much because there is a very easy solution to the problem.

When you feel that the cholesterol level of your body has increased, you have to have a herbal recipe. At first, you have to take a cup of green tea and add 1 teaspoon full of honey. Then mix the mixture well. After that, add some powder cinnamon to the liquor. Now you have a cup full of anti-cholesterol liquor in your hand. Just drink it for few days. You yourself will find the result and you will be surprised at the result of this mixture.

Increasing blood pressure.

High blood pressure is one of the major concerns of the today’s world. But there is opposite side of this problem. Can’t guess it yet? This is low blood pressure. Yes, like high blood pressure low blood pressure is another silent killer. Sometimes the blood pressure goes so much down that even death may happen to the sufferer. Like other diseases, this problem has a herbal solution.

When blood pressure of a person goes so much down, the person may faint. For that reason, you have to take a precautionary step. Keep a fist of almond in a cup and add water to that. Then the almonds and water should be kept for the whole night. Next morning take the almonds out of the water and peel out those. After that make the paste of those almonds and mix it with a cup full of milk.

This will work like a panacea in the case of severe low blood pressure. If your blood pressure comes down so much, have this herbal preparation and you will get rid of the problem very quickly.

Remove a sore throat and dry coughing.

During the change in weather, sore throat and dry coughing are very common. It mainly happens to the children and the aged people. It is completely a seasonal problem of human being.

This problem has also a very effective herbal solution. For a sore throat and dry cough, you can prepare a herbal remedy at home. Add ½ teaspoon of black pepper powder with 1 spoon full of honey, 1 pinch of cinnamon powder and 1 teaspoon of ginger powder. All these should be poured in 350 ml water. If you drink this herbal solution every day at morning and evening, your sore throat and dry coughing will be no more. More info on haebarl

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