Korean dramas are fun to watch because they like to include all the pretty Korean actresses. There are many pretty Korean actresses with and without plastic surgery. But they are all cute at all. But that's only the first part that makes Korean dramas so engaging. They are fun to watch because of all the action, love, and other things that go into the drama. So what are some of the Korean dramas that you can watch?

God Of Study: It is about a group of children who would like to go to the best university in Korea. They are not intelligent children, so they need rigorous studies to have a chance to enter college. So the school created a group that helps students get into the program. It is the first year and they do not know how it will work, but they are all determined. It was so hard that some kids wanted to quit, but they all stood firm. After intense study, they entered the university they wanted to enter. That is what is called determination. Watch what they go through every day to get to the point where they can attend the college of their choice.

King Of Baking, Kim Tak Goo: It's about baking and family problems. Her mother, a domestic worker, had an affair with the head of the family. Things happened and she disappears leaving the boy in the street alone. But she has a good sense of baking and becomes CEO of the company. It goes through many attempts to get where it is. https://loperonline.com/en/

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Here are some Korean dramas you can watch