Job scams are on the increase as more and more fictitious jobs are increasing on job boards.
Job scammers grab the attention of job seekers to hire people as their agents and sometimes they ask money for documentation, training program or travelling expenses in case of hiring a person from other location. Here are some signs to recognize a job scam:

• If any job offer that requires that you pay money in advance is known as a scam. Most reputed companies offer training programs as part of the job with their own cost. Never pay money, if a recruiter offer training program in return for the money. Remember that, any legitimate company asks for money upfront.
• Visit the company website when you are applying for the job or accepting the job offer. Be cautious when they do not have any official website or contact details. If you find website then Google on the company about the contact details, email addresses and reviews about the company.
• If any recruiter or company communicates via Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail can be a scammer. Generally legitimate job emails corresponds through official corporate email ids.
• Make sure that you have done through research about the company and see what information you can find.
• Check scam lists to see whether the company is listed in the scammer list or not.
• Never accept a job offer letter received to your inbox when you have never attended a telephonic or face to face interview or without any interview process. Remember that top companies are never going to offer a job role without any interview.
• When you receive a job offer letter without applying for it is also known as a scam.
• Work from home/online jobs may sounds good but the chances are high that is a real job fraud. Many job seekers have been the victims of this type of scam for years now.
• If a company offers a salary range that is out of your range, experience levels, may be in the process of scamming.
• Never submit your personal information like Bank account number, pass word details, credit card details.
• Never respond to the companies with fake URLs. Check the URL, or the web address of the company.
• Read the job descriptions carefully. If there is no specific job role and no specific skill requirement then it might be a scammer. As we know all the jobs require minimum qualification and skill knowledge.

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Srujana is the content writer of wisdom jobs, Wisdomjobs is the India's first skill assessment based job portal, and the only portal to focus on helping job seekers to get shortlisted rather than only being listed.