HGH is frequently offered as one of the miracle weight loss options for the modern age; though little is often presented for why HGH does such a great job of helping people lose unwanted weight. HGH is a completely natural hormone that people have throughout their life, though it is present in much greater numbers in children and young adults. As people age, their bodies become capable of secreting less HGH, which can often be involved in lowering metabolism and gaining unwanted weight.

Medical studies that looked at how HGH promotes weight loss have found that HGH works on directly on the body in the following ways:

• HGH Decreases Body Fat - Medical research has shown that in some cases HGH can help decrease body fat by over 14%. While the fat removing properties of HGH will vary from person to person, most of those who use the hormone on a regular basis should expect body fat to decrease. While the studies that gauged the effectiveness of HGH in removing body fat were done without insisting on a proper diet and good exercise habits, it is always important to combine any fat reducing plan with a healthy lifestyle to truly see lifelong change.

• HGH Increases Muscle Mass - It probably comes as no surprise that human growth hormone can increase muscle mass, since it is responsible for helping children grow into healthy adults. Medical studies have linked HGH production to a lean muscle mass increase of almost 9%. While gaining lean muscle mass will not cause weight loss, it will lead to a healthier appearance and a removal of excess flab that causes the unsightly bulges associated with excess weight.

How HGH Burns Fat

HGH can help your body burn fat through sending a signal that stops the carbohydrates you eat from turning into glucose that gets stored as fat. Instead of using this convenient and immediately available glucose for your energy needs, HGH will force your body to start burning through the fat reserve that you want to get rid of. Through this simple process, a steady supply of HGH can help your body burn through fat all day and night no matter what you are doing.

HGH Ramps Up Your Metabolism

Children can often remain lean for years no matter what they eat simply because of the heightened metabolism that HGH provides for growing well. Through the use of regular HGH supplementation, you can experience the heightened metabolism that children and young adults take for granted no matter how old you are. A heightened metabolism can help you start to lose weight by helping your body burn as much energy as possible no matter what you are doing.

HGH promotes weight loss by burning through fat, helping your body avoid the uptake of new fat, and heightening your metabolism to help your body use up energy faster. By encouraging the growth of healthy lean muscle mass instead of fat cells, HGH can assist you in creating the figure of your dreams with minimal time and effort. It is always wise to approach weight loss and long term weight maintenance with a healthy diet and frequent exercise, though HGH can provide such powerful help that you may begin losing weight while eating and living exactly as you currently are.

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