High speed refrigerated centrifuges with their supreme speed centrifuging action can save lots of time and energy for health professionals. These devices are usually used for centrifugation of temperature subtle materials that are used for adaptable requests in biological, chemistry, industrial, biotech and medical investigation field.

Refrigerated Centrifuges for Temperature Sensitive Designs

High speed refrigerated-centrifuges are available as tabletop and floor standing models. The speed, accuracy, temperature, size and time range of the centrifuges vary depending on the models you choose. High speed refrigerated lab centrifuges can transport maximum speed and capacity on centrifugation. They are powerful separators for large volumes of mixtures with high solid meditations. Almost all of them are equipped with automatic rotor identification system for avoiding over-speed. To protect the temperature sensitive material, these refrigerated-centrifuges have special cooling units that can maintain the temperature of the blades below or up to the ambient temperature.

Integration of Advanced Features for Delivering Exact Results

Programmable operation, self-centering drive, braking system, built-in timer and rotor management system are some of the technical progresses of the refrigerated centrifuges. Speed, temperature and time can be set previous to the procedure. There are advanced micro-processor controls to help the device deliver accurate speeds. Most of the centrifuges come with safety interlocks to keep the device from initial during centrifugation. All these features syndicate to produce error-free results.

Find Brand Name Models from Reliable Traders

If you want to improve the performance of your laboratory experiments, equipping your labs with high speed refrigerated centrifuges would be highly beneficial. Jouan MR 22 centrifuge, Sorvall RC-3C Plus, IEC Centra 7R and Sorvall RC-28S are some of the popular models of refrigerated-centrifuges available today. You can purchase these models from extensive dealers or distributors having considerable experience in the field. Just browse the web, and choose the supplier that can cater to your supplies.

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