Any business needs marketing to generate new leads. It is digital era and to take maximum benefit of digitization you must use the best SEO services. A majority of audiences is looking for things online and trust on organic results that can be achieved with the best SEO services. To take actual benefit of your investment over Search Engine Optimization campaigns, you have two options:

1. Outsource your project to a trustworthy SEO company
2. Hire SEO Expert that can work in-house.

1. Resource

When you hire a trustworthy SEO company you need to pay them a monthly fee and the company will take care of required resources. Generally, SEO companies have experts of SEO, content, graphics, etc. that are required to run an effective SEO campaign. Apart from the monthly investment, you don’ need to invest in anything else. You can get the best SEO services as well as regular updates.

When you hire an in-house SEO specialist, you need to pay him a monthly salary that is same as paying a monthly fee to the company. Along with this fee, you also need to pay to get content, graphics, etc. to run your SEO campaigns. If you are looking for an all-rounder that can write, design and market, you are making a mistake because this way you are diluting his time utilization which must be used in running SEO campaigns and updating own marketing skills. Along with this investment, you will also need to put another resource that can lead and mentor this SEO expert. Furthermore, the investment in providing working infrastructure, environment and other employment perks are additional. In a nutshell, the resource investment will be higher than outsourcing a project to the trustworthy SEO company.

2 Flexibility

When you hire an SEO agency, you will get periodic reports. You will also get an on-demand call for discussions as well as updates. Generally, the working approach of a majority of SEO companies is flexible and client-centric. However, if you are one of those business owners that like to have daily discussions, then the fixed cost monthly SEO may not be that helpful. Also, the SEO services are limited to predefined projects aka website(s). If you want them to market more / additional website(s), the charges would be additional. You may need to hire SEO expert of the company that would work dedicatedly for you, and can stay in touch, as and when needed.

When you hire an SEO expert on-premises, the flexibility of discussion is there. You can call adhoc or daily meeting whenever you want. Also, with in-house resource, you can assign any and as many project(s) you want to.
In a nutshell, the flexibility of work change and discussions are more with an in-house SEO expert than an SEO agency.

3. ROI

The trustworthy SEO company works to get the best returns for their clients. In fact, they must be working with many clients for many years and they have expertise in measuring KPIs and creating custom plans to meet expectation of their client. Also, the investment on a trustworthy SEO company will be less compared to an in-house resource and its management. This will give exceptional ROI.

The SEO expert may put their best to get good results, but if your company is not a digital marketing company, then that SEO person might not get the mentorship he /she need to provide the best results. Also, getting expensive SEO tools; putting additional resources to manage the SEO specialist; investing on his HR related things; and all similar things will increase your investment and decrease overall ROI.

Concluding Note

The in-house SEO expert can give flexibility of work and time to the company. However, strong skills, professional approach, better ROI and many other benefits are available by outsourcing your SEO project to a trustworthy SEO company.

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Darsh is working in a trustworthy SEO company that offers the best SEO services, one time SEO optimization, Hire SEO Expert and many other SEO related services to its international clients.