The woman whom "knows herself" is a woman who is over forty years of age. She is a woman who has figured out the complexities of life. She effortlessly follows the flow of life and she lives by the Divine promptings of the Laws of Nature. She no longer believes, but rather, she knows. If you find yourself privileged enough to be in her presence; it is because she wants you there, not because she needs you there. She exists with a quiet confidence. She does not need to explain herself to anyone, because when you are in her presence, her authoritative but silent demeanor is already understood. When she walks into any room, she commands the attention of everyone there. She unintentionally intimidates those who are in her presence, whether it be man or woman. The magnitude of her aura extends far and wide, people feel absolute peace when she enters. Men want to be with her and the women wish that they were her. She is emulated by the same women who also hate her. She is the full embodiment of the complete divine maturation of the soul.

All women must take the journey towards becoming the woman whom "knows herself." The journey towards knowing one's self is not an overnight journey; nor does it happen in a few weeks, months or years. This is a lifetime journey, which does not complete itself before one is forty years of age. This is an inner journey. This forty year symbolism is written all over The Old Testament in the bible. Study it. Unfortunately, there are many men whom think that when a woman is forty years of age or older, that she has hit some sort of "wall," which they say makes her undesirable. These men stated that she is no longer suitable for dating and marriage because of her age. A woman who is forty years of age or older and who also knows herself, is highly desired and wanted by men of all types, many of these men being several years her junior. She is a very high-valued woman whom vibrates on a very high frequency, which many men cannot even begin to comprehend or understand how to reach. She does not notice the men whom say that she is undesirable, because she is too busy fighting off the men whom cannot seem to resist her. The man whom say that she is undesirable is one who was rejected by her, so in his anger he says that all woman over forty years of age are undesirable. He then tries to establish a relationship with a younger woman, whom, most times, only wants him for the material world that he can provide for her. The woman over forty whom knows herself has her own life, her own possessions and she independently thinks for herself. This in itself, makes the underdeveloped spiritual mind of some men, run in fear. He fears that he cannot satisfy the woman who is forty years of age or older whom knows herself and because of his fears towards her, he calls her undesirable.

To know oneself takes much bravery and courage. It is a complete lifetime journey. It is your most important work. When you "know yourself," you will never have to explain yourself to anyone, because the essence and magnitude of who you are will be instinctively and automatically understood by others. The woman who is forty years of age and over and who also knows herself, has no need to be desired, as she has overcome such an illusion.

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Dr. Monica M. Burns, PhD Is A Spiritual Counselor.