Homework is homework given to students in a school by teachers that students must complete after school hours at home. Homework may be a chapter in a textbook that should be read, memorized, problem solved, essay written or written, or some skill that should be practiced outside of school, preferably at home. The main purpose of giving homework to students is to help them improve their skills and abilities and to review the chapters taught in the classes. A section of people thinks that homework is an additional burden on children and their parents and is exhausting work that unnecessarily wastes time with nothing to offer, while criticizing the concept.

Different people have different points of view and can express their point of view without any resistance, but in reality, the concept of assigning tasks to students is useful to review what the student has learned in school and prepares them for difficult subjects. . going up while spreading your knowledge. It also integrates students' ability by applying different skill sets to accomplish a single task. Homework also helps give parents who are involved in their educational process a chance while providing homework help to their children.

Assigning too much homework also has a downside. Sometimes it can backfire with the student being too stressed out. A 10-minute rule, which stands for 10-minute homework for first-graders, 50-minute homework for fifth-graders, and 90-minute homework for a ninth-grader, is very helpful and is practiced today. With the extensive use of computers and easy internet accessibility, online homework help has gained popularity. In this concept, students are assisted by tutors from around the world to complete their assignments at a nominal fee. Several schools and organizations in developed countries outsource student homework help to underdeveloped countries that provide efficient online homework help to their children and earn a substantial income in return. https://excellentacademy.nl/

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Children's performance in school will shape their personality, and ultimately their self-esteem and pride. As simple as doing homework may seem,