Prostatitis is a very common urinary disease caused by various complex factors. Main clinical symptoms are urethral irritation symptoms and chronic pelvic pain. Prostatitis ranks consumers among male patients under fifty years old in urology clinic.

In treating chronic prostatitis, many doctors would recommend patients to take hot bath in your house as a possible assistant treatment. But, other doctors give oppose view about hot bath.

So, may be the hot bath helpful or not for prostatitis? Wuhan Dr. Lee TCM Clinic will answer your questions.

Dr. Lee declared that patients with chronic prostatitis have got an obstructed blood circulation around prostate area. Obstructed circulation results in prostatic hyperaemia and congestion, metabolites can not be eliminated normally.

Accumulated metabolites block the prostatic ductules, contain the prostatic secreta in and result in ductule swelling and inflammation as well as a group of symptoms. Hot bath can increase local temperature, relax muscles, dilate bloodstream and accelerate circulation.

Improved the circulation of blood helps promote the dissipation and absorption of local inflammatory exudates, and makes patients feel warm and comfy, alleviates clinical symptoms. It is an effective and economical means for the treating chronic prostatitis.

However, the water temperature of hot bath isn't the higher better. Excessive temperature will affect the spermatogenic function of testis, and cause damage to sperm, thus affecting fertility. So, what could be the right way of taking a hot bath?

In a substantial basin, add nearly half a basin of warm water. Adjust the lake temperature to 30 ~ 40℃, and sit in to the basin. Generally, the hot bath time needs to be twenty minutes approximately.

Hot water may be included with keep up with the temperature in the middle. But make sure you get free from the basin when you add the water to stop burning. Take a hot bath 1 to 2 times daily in the treatment until prostatitis is cured. Remember, water temperature really should not be higher than 40℃.

Hot bath is only an adjuvant strategy to chronic prostatitis. The key to stop chronic prostatitis is symptomatic treatment with correct Medicine.

Wuhan Dr. Lee TCM Clinic is excellent at treating urinary diseases including prostatitis with Chinese herbs. The prescription is specialized for various patients based on their different symptoms.

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