Valentine’s Day is all about expressing your love, care, and affection to your loved ones and it is often symbolized by a gesture of presenting them with a gift item. Every year on 14th of February, streets, walkways, restaurants, town centers and places are lined up with balloons and decorations in red and white to celebrate the occasion of Valentine’s Day. People are highly eager to express heartfelt emotions to their loved ones and take different measures for it.
If you celebrate Valentine’s Day every year, you can better understand the need of getting the idle gift. You do not want to repeat the old items and your options are falling short every year. But for women, one thing remains the same and no, it is not a box of premium chocolates. If you have a special woman in your life, chances are she is absolutely touched by a dazzling bouquet of roses presented to her. That’s right! Every woman loves the alluring sight of fresh and brilliant roses exuding their beautiful scent.
Although for one couple, it was not a fancy experience. In fact, a horrible one but the story did not end on a bad-valentine’s-day-gift, it started a new chapter in their lives, one that got them to be highly successful entrepreneurs in the Western hemisphere. Sunny Chadha and Seema Bansal, a couple who founded the company Venus ET Fleur. It is a luxury retail brand which provides premium rose arrangements for all kinds of special occasions. The best part is that these roses are starting at $39 and last a complete year!
Venus ET Fleur is accumulating massive popularity for their unique selling point of staying fresh for a year. They do not require any kind of maintenance effort; no even watering. The fresh appeal and the elegance of these roses promisingly last a year, which has rapidly grasped the attention of people on social media. It all started when a Valentine’s Day gift presented by Sunny to his wife, Seema went horribly wrong. The floral arrangements came by delivery were no good and it ruined the whole effort of Sunny for his wife.
Their shambolic experience gave birth to a business idea of rose arrangements that could last long! These roses are transformed with a wax-based solution which the company prepares at a farm in Ecuador. It allows these roses to stay fresh, preserving their texture, shape, and scent. Talking to the Inc. magazine, here is what Seema said: "After a horrible Valentine’s Day delivery that Sunny sent me, it automatically sparked the idea that there needed to be a floral delivery that claimed to do what it said and was presented beautifully every time. So we created Venus ET Fleur, a luxury rose atelier which has roses that last an entire year without the need for water."
It is a typical example of how necessity becomes the mother of invention. The entrepreneurs eyed the opportunity and the heap of potential in their idea and went for it, bagging success all along.

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Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession. He also use to write his opinions on different topics.