The hectic work lives of people have slowly started to create a population of people which doesn’t get sound sleep and because of which they feel lethargic and completely exhausted the next working day. Well there are many reasons to blame for and one of the prime reasons is the use of ordinary mattresses that hinders the body to get the support it needs while you are asleep. Mind you the key to an energetic working day is a sound sleep and that is only possible when your body gets the relaxation it needs.

When you are asleep your body starts to repair itself and if your mattress doesn’t support your awkward body posture while you are asleep, the body repair process gets disturbed and this is one of the prime reasons why you fill lethargic in the morning. If you search online for the best mattress reviews most of the mattress brands will claim to provide the best support to your body to help you get a sound sleep. So your mattress plays a key role in getting a sound sleep that you need for an energetic morning. Here are few features of a good mattress that help sleep and wake up fresh:

1. A good mattress supports your body: Mattresses are available in wide variety and this is the reason it becomes quite difficult for people to choose the right mattress. But a good mattress is one which provides your body complete support while you are asleep. Remember that your body is not square or cylindrical rather it has curves so a mattress that supports your spine, hips, upper body and neck is the best mattress that you must choose.

Soft mattress in this regard is not the best option because an individual sleeping on it tends to sink down which is not good for your spine. Coil mattress are also not the perfect choice because they do not adapt to the geometry of the back of your body. Foam mattress in this regard are good because they are more ergonomically superior and have cushioning to support your back and even when you sleep by your side.

2. A good mattress has anti-allergic and dust mite proof properties: Well you certainly don’t want to feel sick the morning you wake up or scratching your back because of bug bite. According to many researches mattress is home to many bugs that are not visible with naked eye and dust is their major carrier. When dust settles down on your mattress the microscopic bacteria and allergens can affect the health of an individual.

A good mattress these days come with many properties and anti-dust and anti-allergic are some of them. No matter how clean you keep the area around your mattress but if it cannot keep the bugs away it is of no use. Another feature of modern mattresses is that they are soak up excess sweat so wake up non-sticky the next morning. Remember that a good mattress doesn’t let you feel achy in the morning rather it makes you refreshingly ready for the long working day ahead.

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