The Smartphone users spend on average 1.8 hours online each day. Mobile apps account for 89% of mobile media time while only 11% time is spent on websites. Mobile apps present plethora of opportunities for businesses as they can take leverage of a huge ever increasing Smartphone user base.
Brand Recognition
A mobile application can create a higher visibility and recognition for a brand. Feature rich and beautifully designed mobile app can build an impressive brand image for your business.
Location specific business
Mobile apps provide a medium to target location-specific users with the help of geo-location technology. The mobile apps can help businesses to attract customers in the vicinity by sending promotional offers.
Mobile Payments
One of the biggest advantages offered by mobile apps to businesses is facilitating payments. The mobile apps allow making payments through credit/debit cards and digital wallets.
Improved Customer Experience
The customer service can be a differentiator for any business and mobile apps aids in delivering extraordinary customer service. Mobile apps help customers to reach out to a business with any of their concerns, query, issue, and feedback from their comfort zone at any point in time.
Personalized Marketing
Mobile Apps can help in engaging customers much better through push notifications by providing personalized offers based on the preference of the customers. Mobile apps can be used for designing loyalty rewards programs where customers will be provided coupons or reward points on the basis of the frequency of their purchases. The loyalty programs facilitate repeat sales and help in customer retention.

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