Are you going to organise a corporate event lately? In that case, you must think of all the means to include in your event for making it a successful one from every aspect. Among all the fascinating ideas that are currently in trend, nothing can replace the demand of a photo booth in any way.

Fun and functionality - having a photo booth at your corporate event serves you both the purposes. You can ensure optimum fun for your professional corporate guests and stress on your marketing strategy with special attention at the same time.

Wish to know how? Here are some exclusive ideas for you to use the best corporate photo booth in Sydney in the best way possible and derive the maximum benefit out of it.

  • Have the Brand Logo as the Photo Booth Backdrop

That's possibly the best way to enhance business branding. Everyone will click their photos in front of the backdrop that is being focused on the pictures. The brand logo will create a memory among the viewers as soon as the corporate professionals share the photos on their respective social media profile pages.

  • Arrange for a Competition

The next idea that you can put to use by making arrangements for a photo-sharing competition. You can hold a contest where the participants will strike poses with the newly launched product in their hands and share the stories. The ones who will be able to share the story faster will win over the champion.

  • Instant Instagram & Social Media Sharing

Now comes the best part! The corporate photo booths have instant Instagram and social media sharing facility. The Instagram printer in Sydney is there from where the guests will get instant copies of photos that they can take as a memory. And, with the instant sharing facility, your brand visibility will get a new height for sure.

  • Hire the Green Screen for Some More Effects

If you wish to do something more with your marketing strategy, you can easily experiment with your backdrop. Hire a green screen and place it as a backdrop. Now, ask your guests to customise the green screen with the brand logo, designs, product images and a lot more that speak about your company specifically. The experimentation is sure to work in your favour.

  • Making your Employees Happy

Well, you need to give a break of a day or two to your employees during which they can happy and enjoying the spirit of the event. Engaging them actively in the photo booth session will infuse the sense of company loyalty in them. They will feel more committed to sharing the photos, making your brand promotion strategy work in your favour.

Final Words

To make sure that you get the desired success in your purpose of corporate branding, you are required to take the help of reliable professionals in the field. Also, keeping an eye on the lighting, the props and the overall setup that will allure your invitees to the photo booth is equally essential to make sure your purpose is fruitful.

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The author is a reputed supplier of the corporate photo booth in Sydney and Instagram printer in Sydney that can spruce up the spirit of any corporate event.