Call center jobs rank as one of the most in-demand jobs and careers these days. This is especially true in the Philippines. There is a constant urgency of contracting by emerging call center companies. A bachelor's degree is not required as a requirement for employment. All it takes is speaking fluently and sounding exactly like a US, British, or Australian citizen. This is because most of these companies serve English speaking countries like the USA. USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

Today's young generations aspire to land jobs as call center agents in these companies because they pay more than double some of the common jobs or professions, such as teachers, nurses, employees, bank tellers, and many others. In addition to good pay, working in this type of industry helps one speak or speak, as most call center companies offer free language courses before one formally begins as an agent for a call center. telephone attention. It also helps to increase self confidence because one can talk to foreigners from all walks of life in the mentioned countries. It is like working abroad without leaving the Philippines.

For companies that urgently need hundreds of agents, they would temporarily hire people ages 18-25, even if their speech level is unsatisfactory. They would offer training from one week to one month, depending on how quickly you learn and adapt to the English language. These companies also offer a significant amount for the daily allowance. Once the apprentice has completed training, he can formally start as an agent and will receive an above-minimum salary with more subsidies including transportation, clothing, medical care, and perfect attendance bonus. An additional nightly differential pay of 10 to 30 percent of base salary if you are scheduled to work from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., because most of these companies operate overnight in the Philippines while it is daytime in the US . USA, UK or Canada. Overtime hours contribute to changes in the sleep patterns of call center agents. They are asleep during the day but alive and in full working mode at night. This drastic change in one's natural biological clock can cause health problems for some.

Philippine call centers are mainly located in highly urbanized areas where the comforts of modern life and technology are very accessible. But however, this configuration can complicate young life. Why? Because there is a lot of group pressure. With the more than adequate amount of income they receive, the amount of peer pressure in this industry is enough to turn a fresh soul into an established smoker and avid nightlife fan, and of course, the appeal of the bar. liquor is never far away. In addition to that, one has to live a fast and expensive urban life that includes all the different monthly bills that come with urban life, like monthly rent or amortizations for an apartment or condominium unit, water, electricity, internet, phones, cars . loans, insurance and much more.

Another thing is that the call center agents are heavy coffee drinkers and smokers. Caffeine and nicotine help them stay awake at night, especially if they don't get enough sleep during the day. Others who don't drink coffee or smoke quickly got into the habit because they think this will help their endurance last 8 hours for this night job.

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Call center jobs rank as one of the most in-demand jobs and careers these days.