If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, you need to have some bit of innovation in your thinking. It is not that you will have to shell out a considerable amount of money for that. All you need is a little bit of imagination as well as creativity that will make all the difference. 

In fact, some things will go a long way in making your kitchen look expensive.  

A proper layout to start with

When you are looking forward to a perfectly configured kitchen, your will is all that you need to have. Working it out is pretty easy. Work in a triangle, while curving out the configuration. Take, for instance, the distance between the stove, the fridge and the washing sink. 

And going by the thumb rule, it is ideal for the refrigerator to be closer to the entrance of the room. The reason is obvious - the fridge in most cases is the focal point of the kitchen and it is the primary destination in most cases, for 'visitors' of the kitchen. 

Considering the Height

Yes! When it comes to aligning the cabinets, you need to consider the height. While the 36-inch tall cabinets are surely not the best variety for kitchens with false ceilings. The 42-inch tall option is always a much better option in these cases. 

When you opt for lofty spaces, the cabinets stacked at the upper rows will deliver not only more storage in terms of volumes, but they will add more aesthetic edge. Moreover, it will make the kitchen look more spacious than what it is actually. So this that form of kitchen renovations in Cottesloe that will add an illusion, adding more space - virtually. 

Knowing when to splurge

Once the cabinetry is done with, its back-splash will take up most of the visual real estate of the kitchen. Therefore, when it comes to dealing with the back-splashes, all you need to do is splurge - and splurge with control! Indeed knowing when and how to splurge is most important. 

These backsplashes are the best opportunity to express your personality and style statement without interfering with the bank. This is because they are small enough and will not need much material to take shape. 

Paying attention to details

Paying attention to the details will make things easier for a while you renovate your kitchen in Cottesloe. Do not forget the hardware. They are the ‘earrings’ for the cabinetry of the kitchen, and they will deliver the significant bang for the buck. This applies more in case of rentals, where you can alter the kitchen hardware for adding more upscale elegance. 

The lighting 

The lighting will have to be elegant as well and stunning, with fixtures over the islands, the breakfast nook, and over the sink. It will create a visual hierarchy that will go a long way to add more edge to the supporting characters in the form of light and shade. 

So you see, all these will add an overall effect to your kitchen, giving it a look and feel that makes it look more spacious. Here is where the quality kitchen renovation companies come in handy.

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The author owns a company that offers kitchen renovations in Cottesloe. The author is also a regular blogger.