There are growing concerns about how much healthcare costs and especially when the ratio tends to go more to treating after the fact, than on preventative measures. It is especially concerning considering three-quarters of costs could are for issues there are preventative options for. One way of reaching people is through corporate wellness programs in Abu Dhabi or where you live. Rather than waiting for people to fall off a cliff and then treat the results, how about taking action to stop them from falling? Industries can have an impact on their employee's health, and well being, lead to workers being more productive, and reducing healthcare costs when they take action.

Target a high population with corporate wellness programs

Corporate wellness programs and health programs in the workforce are one way to help a large portion of the population. A lot of people work for different corporations and large business enterprises. When programs and plans are put into action for the sake of the workforce that benefits the workers, the business and society in general. The most challenging part of addressing poor wellness habits is that people tend to not be that motivated to make changes. When it becomes part of the ethos of the employer it becomes a part of the people that work for them.

Have employees engage in their overall wellness

Employees need to become engaged in their health and overall wellness. With various workplace strategies that will include some form of life coaching Abu Dhabi they can be encouraged to become more proactive. The focus on the wellness of individual workers can add up to a happier and less stressed workforce. They take less time off work, can handle pressure in their work, work better in a team, are more productive and more loyal. With programs at work, they can be challenged to focus on long term wellness and goals and make a stronger commitment to their health.

Improving more than just physical health

While a large part of the program might be about physical health there is so much more to a person's overall well-being than just that. So having programs to help with weight loss, exercise, to lower blood pressure is great. But that also helps improve confidence, mental well-being, and spiritual health too. Using life coaching Abu Dhabi a person can learn to manage stress, overcome anxiety, face issues of poor self-awareness. You can stop smoking, rely less on alcohol and develop better techniques that lead to financial well being as well as overall better health.


The help of a life coach and with a corporate wellness program in Abu Dhabi or where you work can greatly improve life for both employees and employers. But the impact of such programs does not stop there. That better attitude and improved well-being 'infects' people around them. Society as a whole benefit from such programs and improved health means less costs in healthcare.

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This article is penned by Lora Davis for Carpe Diem. Carpe Diem is a reiki healing centre in Abu Dhabi, UAE and their team is passionate about imparting their skills of the benefit of healing people.

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