Plumbing comes up as one of the most crucial aspects of housekeeping - be it commercial or residential. Most of the prominent names that carry out plumbing services do so for the domestic as well as the commercial sector. However, the approach in the two sectors differs a lot from every angle and operational aspect.

The three principle aspects where the two differ are size, floors, and problems.


The most apparent distinction between commercial and domestic plumbing lies in the size or scale of operation. When it comes to commercial plumbing, the scale of operation is more vast than its domestic counterpart. The number of pipes and outlets to take care of are much more than what domestic plumbing involves.

Then the toilets and sinks that the commercial plumbers have to take care of, are subject to more rigour and usage than those in residences. Hence, plumbing in commercial sector needs to be more stringent than what is required for the domestic sector.

In other words, plumbing has to be more intense in the commercial sector. In fact, that is the reason, to one has to summon professionals who are specialised in commercial plumbing.


Residential plumbing involves typically no more than two to three floors. However, when it comes to commercial plumbing, it may include multiple stories, with sinks and toilets in virtually every floor, and with each floor having exclusive piping and sewerage system, with each of them generally converging into one.

Hence, a commercial plumber in Shellharbour will have to take care of this massive network of pipes and sewers and needs to be competent enough to come in terms of this complexity to meet the demands successfully.

Problems and their variety

Residential plumbing generally deals with variations of certain limited nature of issues, most of which are very basic, and hence can be solved without much hassle.

However, when it comes to commercial plumbing, the professionals have to deal with a vast plethora of issues, and each of them demands a thorough understanding of a number of factors. Hence, when it comes to commercial plumbing in Shellharbour, the process involves solving issues that will never arise in residential complexes.

Hence, professionals who take up commercial plumbing have to be on more plumbing codes, and they need to memorise all these codes.

Here it needs to be remembered that there are a number of plumbing codes that vary between domestic, factory, industrial, and commercial specifications as per their respective demands.   

What is the bottom line?

Therefore, the bottom line is that every commercial plumber has to go through the same tests as other plumbers, including the domestic ones. Scope or space of work in commercial plumbing is absolutely different than domestic plumbing. The professionals have to be more adept at their jobs than those who are into domestic plumbing.

Thus, for the best plumbing results in the domestic and commercial sector it is imperative to hire professionals with enough experience in their respective fields. This is to ensure the best results at the end of the day.

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The author owns a company that carries our commercial as well as domestic plumbing in Shellharbour. The author is also an experienced plumber in Shellharbour and is also a regular blogger.