Reason to Choose ASP.NET Technology for Web Application Development?  
Enterprises and businesses square measure within the method of migration from inheritance systems to new, dynamic and sturdy web applications. within the crowded market of various technologies like PHP, HTML5, WordPress, Magento and a number of other others, ASP.NET of Microsoft has proven to be a well-liked selection. 
ASP.NET technology has the facility to make websites or web applications that may scale your business to consecutive level of success. whereas there square measure in depth decisions accessible, why ought to one select this celebrated Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology for internet development? Let’s perceive the explanations behind selecting ASP.NET web application development services.
ASP.NET for internet Application Development
.NET is one amongst the simplest software system frameworks developed by Microsoft. Developers will build all types of apps from the only ones to the foremost complicated ones victimization this programming platform. it’s attainable to make applications with reusable codes victimization programming languages of C++, VB, C#, JS through the employment of UDDI, WDSL, OOP, ASP, SOAP and XML.
Key advantages of victimization ASP.NET Technology
This ASCII text file, server-side internet application framework has associate array of advantages, a number of that square measure as mentioned below:
· ASP.NET is helpful for making dynamic, sturdy and climbable internet applications
· ASP.NET is that the most suitable option for building applications that square measure utterly secured attributable to its intrinsical Windows authentication and per-application configuration
· Minimal secret writing is needed to make giant applications victimization ASP.NET This Microsoft framework comes with chest and designer within the Visual Studio integrated development atmosphere. Developer-friendly options of ASP.NET like automatic preparation, applications programme writing and drag-and-drop server controls.
· All ASP.NET applications handle requests in run time by closely observation and managing processes to interchange dead ones with new ones.
· ASP.NET allows playing common tasks from easy kind submission, shopper authentication to website configuration and preparation.
· ASP.NET technology is most well-liked by developers because it is simple to form and maintain as a result of the existence of ASCII text file and HTML.
· ASP.NET languages will be engineered to be language-independent. It permits users to settle on the language of their selection or divide the appliance as per totally different languages.
· ASP.NET being a server facet technology, the code for such applications gets dead on the server.
· As all the configuration info is intrinsical, there’s no method of registration of elements. this permits for straightforward preparation of applications.
· ASP.NET applications death penalty on server square measure monitored for all pages, elements and applications. This helps in detection memory leaks, infinite loops and alternative criminal activities.
· ASP.NET is that the most suitable option for building serious, difficult internet applications because it is developed with din.NET victimization data-binding and page info options.
Types of ASP.NET Technology Development
There square measure three sorts of ASP.NET application development, as mentioned below:
ASP.NET technology is predicated on MVC design and this is often one in every of the benefits of this Microsoft technology. it’s easier for developers to make application supported ASP.NET. This MVC design makes it easier to make complicated applications in less time. Developers have the flexibleness to customise the MVC patterns and behavior as per the necessity of the business application.
Web Pages
This type of ASP.NET development permits developers to apply PHP with HTML. websites will be created victimization ASP.NET victimization less to minimal secret writing efforts through fast Application Development.
Web Forms
This type of ASP.NET development is helpful for building dynamic, little and quick playing applications. this sort of development demands less secret writing than MVC pattern and provides additional management to programmers.
On a last Note…
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What is SharePoint Application Development?
SharePoint, the web-based collaboration and document management platform from the Microsoft stable, may be a widespread choice for enterprises to develop apps. The platform offers several and points, foremost among that are seamless integration with Microsoft workplace and simple reconfigurability.
Here may be a run-down on a way to develop an app victimisation SharePoint, and therefore the distinct benefits of doing it this manner.
Deploy a SharePoint Server
The requirement to developing SharePoint applications development victimisation SharePoint is access to a SharePoint server.
SharePoint Server comes in 2 editions: commonplace and Enterprise. A free Foundation version was out of print in 2016. in spite of the selection, users install the quality Edition direct, for the Enterprise edition is made on the quality edition, unbarred by suggests that of coming into a license key on the quality edition.
The standard edition comes with many handy and intuitive options, like pre-built progress templates, secure store service, web analytics, governance tools, audience targeting capabilities, enterprise wikis, search customization talents, mobile search capabilities, faceted search, and far additional.
The additional options obtainable within the Enterprise edition include:
Better search results from made web classification
Better search interface, with search thumbnails and previews
Deeper integration of business intelligence, through the utilization of intuitive dashboards, and business data surfacing.
Integration of Power Piviot, PerformancePoint, Microsoft workplace Access, Visio, Excel, and InfoPath Forms services, and more.
Deploying Microsoft workplace SharePoint Server at intervals the enterprise, provisioned as traditional virtual or cloud servers, or as a hosted service, delivers bigger management over SharePoint’s behavior or design. 
Developing a Web Application by Azure App Service
Platform as a Service (PaaS): PaaS in cloud computing provides a totally managed infrastructure surroundings for patrons and developers to develop and manage their applications while not having to stress concerning managing own infrastructure. The services are often close up with the press of a button. There are several PaaS provides, however the foremost common ones square measure Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google App Engine.
Azure App Services
Microsoft Azure offers the subsequent types of Application Services.
oWeb Apps
oMobile Apps
oAPI App
oWebApp for Containers
Prerequisites for making internet Application from Azure portal:
Azure Subscription account
Presented below are the steps to form and publish an internet Application exploitation Azure App Service.
Step 1: Login to Azure portal. choose the Azure based development App Services from the dashboard.
Step 2: Click + Add icon to produce needed details like Name of the App, Resource cluster Name, etc.
Step 3: choose web App from the choices given.
Step 4: Click on produce button to proceed additional.
Step 5: offer the application Name, Subscription kind, Resource cluster, OS Type, Publish kind, App Service Plan/Location, Application Insights. The App Name as an example here is “My1webapp”. Click the produce button. At this time, the main points provided would be verified.
Step 6: If everything goes well, then we must always see “Validation Successful” message.
Step 7: the subsequent page would be given with details and standing associated with we tend tob|the online|the net} App we simply created.
Step 8: after we click on the universal resource locator, we might be given with a page as shown below.
Step 9: return to the App Services from Home page wherever we will see internet App name we tend to simply created. Click on the online app name.
At this time, we’ll try and add content to the online page (simple “Hello World !!” only for the demo purpose).
Step 10: the subsequent page would be given. choose the Advanced Tools (under Development Tools section of the left menu). Click on GO from right pane.
Step 11: Azure antelope debugging console is given as shown below.
Step 12: From the highest menu bar, choose rectify Console → CMD.
Step 13: choose the positioning folder to proceed additional
Step 14: choose wwwroot folder to proceed additional.
Step 15: we will see the hypertext markup language associated with the default home page here. this could be renamed, as an example, to index.html and that we will modify the code in there.
Step 16: Here is that the changed content of index.html
Step 17: return to Home App Services My1webapp summary
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