In my small circle of friends, I have always been considered the group diva! And to the people who intimately know me, this isn’t surprising in the least. After all, I was voted the homecoming queen in my senior year of high school – much to the noticeable envy of the bulk of the ‘girl population’ in our class. And in addition to my sultry look, I always managed to stay on top in academics. But the thing that I considered my crowning glory was my beautiful skin. And using the skincare tips that I got from my Frontier FiOS internet plan, I had managed to make it even more appealing.

Using Natural Oils to Beautify My Skin

My skincare regime – if you must know – consisted of applying a lot of different botanical oils. Of the over-the-counter (OTC), supermarket, variety. Specifically, I’m talking Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Walnut Oil and Coconut Oil. And the best part about these natural tonics is that they work equally well for all skin types. I have dry skin, so I tend to apply a lot of moisturizer to keep it supple. At times, I have even been known to drizzle a raw honey, yogurt and egg mixture on my face. This is my go-to skin brightening regimen; particularly suited for the dates when I am invited to a party. Or when I have to attend some formal function.

I began applying the above-mentioned oils on my skin in my junior year. And I kept up with this practice for the next five years. It was only after I graduated with a baccalaureate degree in biology that I started to gain a clearer idea about why Aloe Vera gel and ripe olive oil worked so well! I discovered that their impressive chemical makeup – of a diverse variety of nutrients – was to credit for their efficacy. Particularly the vitamins A & E that these oils came absolutely loaded with. Along with, of course, their rich profile of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Before you go on to read this account any further, you need to be prepared for something. If you’re going to make use of these natural solutions, you have to massage them for at least five continuous minutes. And this means meeting all your friends and acquaintances with a shiny face. Which, if you have a pale face without any tan, becomes an absolute horror!

Botanical Oils for Acne/Psoriasis Cure

My mother has always suffered from frequent outbreaks of psoriasis. And for as far back as I can remember, nothing had seem to work for her. No pharmaceutical preparations, and no supplements. Nothing…until coconut oil came into her life.

And I don’t mean the cheap, grocery store variety. I’m referring to the expensive kind that you get from some of the major supplement brands. This type of coconut oil is extracted using lengthy ‘cold pressing’ pulp techniques; different from the common furnace-heating method. As a result, the collected oil does not lose any of its highly valuable nutrient density.

Coconut oil also proves highly beneficial for treating acne outbreaks.

In order to use it on the skin, simply take a dollop-sized amount, and massage it gently onto the affected areas. In two days’ time, you’ll see a noticeable reduction in any acne or psoriasis patches that you may have.

Botanical Oils as Natural Moisturizers/Skin Hydrants

You can also use natural oils like olive oil, walnut oil and Aloe Vera as effective and inexpensive skin moisturizers. Aloe Vera plants are commonly available vegetable gardens everywhere, and are the best sources for aloe gel extraction.

To obtain the gel, simply cut an aloe leaf with a knife in half – and watch it ooze out. In its pure form, the gel resembles some slightly hardened sugar caramelized in water. You can either apply this tonic to your skin directly, or mix it with some honey lotion for some added smoothing effect.

Alternatively, you can create a soothing skin balm of Aloe Vera gel with olive and walnut oil. This mixture can also be used as a very effective ‘prickly heat’ solution – especially during the hotter months.

A Word of Caution

Before resorting to any new skincare regime using natural oils, always check with your G.P first. This step is important for ruling out any allergic reaction concerns that may bog you down. These can be quite scary to deal with – as I witnessed firsthand on YouTube through my Frontier online deals plan.

Safety, after all, is key – and trumps any beauty concerns by a longshot!

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