Himalayan salt massage becomes more popular than ever these days. Different forms of naturally occurring salts have been in use for massage therapy from thousands of years but recently the spa and massage center have started integrating the natural Himalayan salt into their therapies. The reason is its countless benefits.

Brief history:
The Himalayan salt is toxin free and purest salt available on the planet earth. Some papers suggest that Himalayan salt crystals were first found by men about 250 million years ago. It has numerous minerals that are beneficial for our body. Himalayan salt benefits were first highlighted by the worker who worked in the salt mines. It was discovered that the people who worked in salt mines are less likely to develop respiratory tract diseases. After that people started to use it for numerous other health benefits.

Treat the people with the benefits of salt:
Recently it has been discovered that the people want to approach the spas and salons which are healthier for them. The salons and spa should consider more than “creating stress free healthy environment” for their customers. Since people want more long-term benefits for their health, the halotherapy has become really popular in the recent years. In this therapy salt vapors are used to treat skin, mind and body.

Himalayan salt can be used in variety of products. For e.g.

•Himalayan salt scrub
•Foot or hand domes
•Salt stone massage
•Salt bath
•Salt cave
•Salt sauna

Benefits of salt:
In the book Water and Salt: The Essence of Life, by Barbara and Peter, authors stated that Himalayan salt is comprised of 84 trace minerals. When these minerals used on skin, they helps in balancing body PH level and also assists in enhancing metabolism, improved blood flow and strengthening of nervous system. It also reduces aging in people.

Salt therapy and massage:
Numerous research studies have been conducted on the salt therapy benefits. Some of these are as follows:

1.One of the best ways to use salt for therapy is Himalayan salt stone massage. These Himalayan salt stones are first warmed and then applied on the body for massage. The goal is to provide warmth to skin to enhance blood circulation, while also delivering trace minerals of Himalayan salt into the skin for optimal healing therapy.

2.It also has the ability to keep you calm and relaxed. The massage by Himalayan salt stone also produces negative ions that help in the detoxification as well as maintaining PH scale of your body. Also, your body contains a lot of positive ions that may result in inflammation but by getting massages with Himalayan salt, negative ions are produced which balance the positive ions.

3.Salt is amazing for your skin and your skin will be more refreshed and revitalized by salt massage than normal conventional massages.

4.They also have antibacterial and anti fungal properties.

Himalayan salts are found in many different forms like salt stones, salt lamps, warmers etc. therefore, you can use them for a number of conventional and non-conventional treatments. Like we can place salt lamps in the massage centers and spa to make the overall environment healthy and soothing. Salt bricks are also available that can be use in saunas. These Himalayan salt saunas produce negative ions that release stress of the body.

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