The textbook formula for weight loss is apparently quite simple – eat less and start working out. It sounds simple but the weight loss reality is quite different. For thousands of people, it turns into a tremendous struggle that seems to almost have a predetermined end.

Have you been trying to lose weight without success? Have you ever taken the time to think about the subconscious and the emotional reasons that are possibly making you put on the weight?

Positive motivation and self-awareness are both essential for satisfactory results. In addition, people that succeed with losing weight are strong believers in change. To get in the right mindset, you might consider trying weight loss hypnosis.

Your Thought Process and Losing Weight

Negativity is a part of our everyday life. It very often comes from the media, sometimes from co-workers and even people on the street. Believing in all of these negative messages can result in inability to achieve major goals. If you are certain that you cannot lose weight, you will most definitely not succeed in your attempts.

Hypnotherapy can change the thought process and prevent the self-fulfilling prophecy from affecting your life.

Negative emotions lead to overeating making people consume food for the wrong reasons. Snacks and treats turn into a source of comfort and relief, a coping mechanism that provides temporary relief. More and more food is craved, creating a vicious cycle and a dependency that will be very difficult to break out of.

Long-Term Results

Fad diets and other “quick” solutions can be used to lose some of the extra weight. The inability to deal with emotional baggage in the long term, however, causes weight gain within a very short period of time after the end of the programme.

Hypnosis can be used to replace negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour with positive ones. So that instead of being cumbersome and stressful, weight loss can become an enjoyable journey towards becoming a better version of oneself.

Weight loss hypnotherapy addresses the issues and the problems that will force you to turn towards food for comfort. Getting some closure and finding a way to overcome these problems will make the results of your weight loss efforts sustainable.

Having the Freedom to Make a Choice

People generally view weight loss as a duty rather than a conscious decision about becoming healthier. Changing this thinking about weight loss through hypnotherapy is the ultimate goal.

By working with a therapist, you may find yourself much more capable of building a healthy “relationship” with food. You may start getting pleasure from creating a healthier lifestyle, meeting your goals and seeing results.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is about choices. It provides the freedom to even give yourself a culinary treat every now and then without being dependent on food and experiencing guilt. With the help of the therapist, individuals interested in losing weight get to take a look inside themselves to understand some of the subconscious processes that determine the choices they make in life.

Interested in building a healthier relationship with yourself? If so, you should certainly try weight loss hypnotherapy. Starting this journey towards self-exploration and positive thinking will make it much easier for you to introduce changes and to see the results that you have long been hoping for.

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David Samson is a regular advisor to BBC Radio London. His work has been featured in The Times, Huffington Post and OK! Magazine. Using gentle & sympathetic techniques developed over 10 years practicing successful weight loss Hypnosis treatments.

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