Every Property Owner/Landlord thinks of a verified renter when it comes to land valuable property for the sake of safety. Since every owner has different needs and approaches for verifying background history of renter. But it is important to carry complete Tenant Verification checks to protect himself, his property, and social surrounding as well.

A landlord must verify personal identity, proof of previous residence, Job details (if any) educational degrees, background history along with social media presence, credit checks and lot more. Otherwise who will be held liable for fraudulent situations in future?

Tenant Verification Services should be chosen as a mandatory part before landing property to an unknown individual/family. If you have a renter who turns violent and harms either you or your family member, you could be slapped with a lawsuit.

There are multiple benefits of conducting safe Background Verification Services because many people misrepresent their background records which may blow the landlord status later.

DEWII is a Risk Mitigation company and provide verification services to employees, tenant, servants and others too. You can grab these screening services and get these benefits...

• 60% of Renter deliver inaccurate Details
With the help of background verification services, you can verify the mentioned details. Some background checks will highlight driving records, credit histories, or other information. There are times when a spotty driving record with numerous license suspensions, or a credit history fraught with missed payments and debt, will hold no bearing on an applicant's ability to behave the best.

• Get Rid from the Future Frauds
Verification services give you a full picture of your renter/applicant. Applicants might exclude certain information. A background check can help you cut through the criteria and find out who this person really is—and more specifically, whether they are a person you want to land your property safe side.

• Criminal Checks
What if you land precious property to a sexual predator without running a background check, who might assault or rape one of your family member or other in society? Quite simply, some of the applicants you are going to meet during property landing process are dangerous. Police verification service is here to get rid from violent criminals to sex offenders that you simply cannot risk choosing.

• Provide Full Picture of Applicants
The goal of any renter is to make happy property owner and come across as a friendly, professional person. This "attitude" can even extend into the application, where applicants might exclude certain important information. A background check can help in this era too along with the identification of physical abilities.

• Keep Family & Social Surroundings Safe
With the help of the background screening programs, protect your family members and social surroundings from harm in case if you land your property to a wrong person like drunk driver or any violent person. Try to Keep Home Secure & Protected by hiring Background Verification Company in Gurgaon. Keep yourself, your sweet family and sweet home safe and alert everywhere and every time. It's the best way to establish a zero-tolerance anti-drug policy from the very beginning.

• Highlights Dishonesty
Many of the renter/applicants are dishonest at the time of requesting to get the space on rent. Making Fake previous landlord details, work histories, embellishing their job responsibilities or titles or is common. Previous landlord experiences should be checked by calling clearly to them and make sure the information given by the renter matches up with the truth or not.

• Educational Verification Checks
Sometimes, verifying this information can be about confirming honesty; other times, when certain degrees or past records are actually legally required for a person to know about his performance, ability, they are about abiding by the law. Either way, they are important.

• Provide Peace of Mind
You never want to suspect about whether or not you can trust a renter. Background checks can help you dodge common worries and give you the peace of mind you need to run your business efficiently with right employees.

In a nut shell, it can concluded that Background verification checks bring lot more benefits which a landlord or an organization should opt to carry business with safety in industry.

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