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When we go on a diet and start eating or cutting things, we forget one major process which is playing its role in the weight gain and weight loss. That process is known as Metabolism. Metabolism has a huge impact on the outcome of weight as it depends on many factors.
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But today we will be looking into those factors which affect metabolism and try to learn about the fact of how metabolism can help us lose weight fast.

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is a process which takes place inside our body. It is the rate at which energy is produced, and energy is broken down. It is often described as a natural occurring inside a living organism where energy is released when calories are burned.
Different people have a different type of metabolism like some have a slow rate of metabolism while others experience faster. It is mostly generic, so it is not in our hands. But we can always alter it. There are methods through which it can be fastened or slowed.
As we know that to work properly, our body needs energy, and that energy is obtained through the calories which we eat. But how it that energy obtained? Metabolism is the process which breaks down the food and calories and produces energy out of it.
There are a few factors which play a vital role in metabolism. It is due to these facts that weight gain is possible and it also can be controlled. These factors are as under:

Our eating habits matter a lot. If only junk and unhealthy intake of food is happening, then we are round to gain more. The controlled diet should be added to life.
Hormonal unbalance also affect the weight gain and higher metabolic rate.
Sleep matter a lot as good sleep provide healthy metabolism even when sleeping.
Physical activities must be added in daily routine to have a higher metabolic rate.

How it affects the weight:

Whoever is blessed with a higher metabolic rate tends to gain less weight no matter how much they eat. This is a blessing which normally most of the people are not blessed with. So many cases have been studied where too less food is eaten, but still, people gain weight rapidly. This is because there are some factors which affect the metabolism which in return make us gain weight or lose weight. Those factors are as under:

• Body size: body size matters most. Those people who have large bodies, they tend to have a higher metabolic rate. With a higher metabolic rate, they burn more calories, and they make more muscles. Which is always healthier and no weight is gained.

• Gender: gender plays its part in metabolism as well. Men have more muscles in their bodies, and they tend to burn more calories which means a faster metabolism. In the case of women, the muscles are less, and that is why more weight gain is observed in women.

• Age: age has a huge impact. With age, our tendencies to do physical activities slows down which adds to the fact that calories burning gets less. Hence, the slower metabolic rate is seen.


With a higher metabolic rate, we tend to gain less weight, and our journey of losing weight is achieved much quicker. If you keep a healthy diet routine with regular physical activity and healthier living choices like sleep pattern, then you will be amazed how weight loss is possible through metabolism.

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