If you are planning to get your ecommerce website developed the first thing that comes to your mind is how much it would cost for Magento ecommerce development and also for Magento web hosting?

Well, you cannot get the exact budget as the no standard structure fits all ecommerce business site needs. But, you can get approx.

In general, the pricing starts from $5 thousand and goes beyond $5 million, based on the requirements and the platform chosen.

Secondly, you also need to invest money to enhance its function, as well as experience of e store after the initial process of development, gets over.

Also, remember the marketing costs that you need to bear for your online store. There is certainly no point taking no action till everything gets outdated and then coming back all over again to update it which is certainly not a good eCommerce strategy to go with.

In order to determine the approx costs based on your business requirements, you can go through the crucial areas that would directly influence the costs. The summary tables for costs shown below can help you out

Opting for eCommerce Platforms
It entirely is based on the complexity of eCommerce platform that decides the licensing costs and the costs can differ significantly even for the same functionality
The solutions offered by Magento solution partner are industry-specific solutions which are integrated based on - ERP systems & software (SaaS) as a service which is designed to cater to the needs of business owners to enable them to set up & configure on their own

When the cost is pretty low you actually don’t need help from external sources. Some of the SaaS offerings even start at a low cost of $20-$30/month.

When it comes to configurable & customizable offerings for example Magento & Magento Enterprise are basically not designed for business owners to set up on their own without the assistance of Magento expert is not designed to be set up by a business owner without the assistance of Magento certified developer.

In such cases where you need the help of an expert you need to spend extra money which can be around $5,000.00 with a Magento expert who helps you set up the store and perform basic configuration plus training.

Costs you need to spend for eCommerce Web Design
Most platforms including SaaS offerings provide themes, design galleries or templates which you can easily apply to the website on your own.

Well, this idea of getting ready-made templates, galleries or theme designs may not be the right option for your business as the same designs can also be used by other as these readily available templates are a cheap and quick option that every business would go for
You need to invest anywhere from $0 to $250 to buy a theme and other from $1,000 to $2,000 wherein you need to make a few changes along with some customizations.

Price for custom design
When it comes to opting for custom design, then there is no budget limit that you can determine.

So, when you opt for a custom theme, it may cost around $10,000 to $100,000 based on requirements, specifics ,and complexity of the process.

Custom eCommerce site - Programming & Functionality
Most professional platforms offer module/extension support in wherein the functionality is developed by a different person and can be added to your website. They offer it at a very low cost than expected but ensure what extensions are included before the process of custom code writing starts.

Well, custom development turns out to be a bit expensive. Certainly, a team of experts writes code which is tested, reliable and secure.

You may find custom code an expensive affair but when you think in terms of the long term, it lasts longer.
Poorly written code, on the other hand, can cost you more even it if works successfully in the beginning.

eCommerce Website Hosting costs
When you consider ecommerce website hosting this is certainly the section which gives you approx costs.
SaaS offerings come with hosting to some extent along with the packages. You need to check costs for other things like products, storage, orders, traffic etc.

All these solutions you can get at a reasonable price and help your sales grow

Coming back to hosting costs you can get it anywhere from $20 – $250.

For any custom eCommerce infrastructure, it can be nearly $300 per month to get reliable service & support, but it may not include - true PCI (credit card security) compliance.

For any successful busy site (having minimum requirements of speed, security, scale, and redundancy) it needs to be hosted in a grid/cloud environment for which hosting cost can go up to $1,000 – $2,000 per month.

You need to plan your budget based on your requirements.

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