Wallets, keys, papers, mobile phones, your laptop and your tablet too - because that's what you need to put somewhere, there are some stylish places that can accommodate your everyday needs.

Men’s relationship with bags is a little bit problematic. Even though they need something to put their personal belongings as well as women, a man's closet has failed to assimilate the bag as one of the necessary male accessories. The result is to create a lot of possible ways instead of just taking his bag. The most important issue that needs to be solved though is the name of every bad they carry because they do not want to look to feminine.
So, even though many trends come and go into fashion, most men are loyal to classic values: the backpack, the messenger bag, the briefcase and the travel bag. These 4 categories have been fed up with new ideas and suggestions, so maybe now is a good time to refresh your collection and buy some more bags.

The backpack
The bag of the eternal teenager: the one you initialed at school and, although many years have passed since your graduation, you cannot separate it. The backpack, in addition to extremely fashion bags, isstylistically safe for every casual look but it is also devastating every formal appearances. Make sure you carry an adult version of it, made of quality materials such as leather, felt, tweed and other and touch raw materials and choose any neutral color. The straps are unnecessary and so are the logos. Besides that you do not need a backpack that has a highlighted name of your 90’s rock band.

The messenger bag
The bag of the eternal student: the one you loved in the school, but you keep it in the office as well, because it fits everything, matches with everything and is the best alternative to the backpack because sometimes you think that it looks very "childish". The so-called messenger bag is what you need if you are in a relaxed working environment and for your long walks in the city too, as it frees your hands. Make sure the leash is as long as it should be and not to be too short, but do not put the bag lower than your hips.

The briefcase
The businessman bag: if you dreamed of growing up and becoming a great and and successful guy by wearing ties he has bought on Su Misura A/S and holding leather-made briefcases, congratulations, you did it. Now you cannot just combine your formal suit with a black or brown briefcase but you have to do it as it is the only truly formal bag that you can proudly hold at meetings and business meetings.

The handbag
A handbag can easily be named as the bag that keeps all your stuff in. But how can a handbag be carried in your everyday life? In many ways, that’s for sure. She will accompany you to the gym, you can take it with you if you want to leave for the weekend, you can take advantage of its space under any circumstances.

Whatever is the type of the bag that suits you more, one thing is for sure. Every man looks more stylish holding a bag rather than putting all his items at the back of his jeans or in the inside pocket of his jacket. It’s much more convenient holding a bag.

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