Christmas tree

What Does Christmas Mean to You?

Sometimes, you stop time and wonder how that moment, that particular person that you are just chatting with or that particular situation is going to impact your life and state of mind. Such a moment is happening now as you are passing by a shop from where you can hear “All I want for Christmas is you” sung by Mariah Carey. For some reason, this moment is unique because it triggers some memories you thought could never be brought to life. It might be the song or simply the smell of freshly-baked pastry that stops you for a moment and leads to remembering the family moments that we all used to enjoy before Christmas.

Christmas used to be all about spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. Of course, there would always be some playful quarrels between you and your brother or some guests that would come by unannounced and tear down your mother’s extremely planned universe altogether, as she has always been very strict about keeping the guests happy. However, the night before Christmas was all yours and that was the moment where your father would mention that no matter what, Christmas is about giving. No matter if you write a thank you letter to one of your teachers, pay a surprise visit to your very old grandparents or simply help your mother with Christmas preparations – Christmas is about trying to identify yourself through the relations you have with others. Eventually, this is what defines us to a great extent and Christmas is a good time to reflect on that.

What to Do in Order to Keep the Christmas Spirit Alive?

It is important not to lose the true meaning of what Christmas is. Of course, it is important to buy gifts, to be a good Secret Santa at work, and to consume a lot of food during these days. However, this won’t make your Christmas special. The idea of consumerism behind every special tradition or celebration is unfortunately still present, however, it is up to you how you limit this. For example, we can:
Focus more on trying to be together with the ones we love and less on sending them gifts
Create wonderful hand-made gifts instead of buying them
Remember what you used to do for Christmas when you were young
Be merry!
What everyone can do in order to still enjoy Christmas is really think more about the others and less about their own self. Everything from not choosing a natural Christmas tree to making sure you buy only the products you will consume will make a difference this Christmas. How can you still bring back the true meaning of Christmas?

Conclusions on How to Make This Christmas One to Remember

There is something left forever inside each of us, at least the ones who were lucky enough to spend Christmas with their family from a young age, with all the traditions, like helping with the Christmas tree, cooking traditional meals, playing games in the snow, and so on. This part can’t ever die, it might only be at times covered by a veil of the society of consumerism, which forces us to go along with the trend. However, the best part of having an inherited Christmas feeling and keeping it alive is that it will always come up when you need it the most. The Christmas spirit is probably one of the most beautiful inheritances we have from our family.

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