The simplest calculation about calorie intake is that men need almost 2500 calories per day and need to keep it to 2000 calories to lose one pound per week similarly the calorie intake for a woman is 2000 calories and need to keep it to 1500 calories if she wants to lose one pound of weight per week. But things are not as simple as it looks like because knowing the exact amount of calorie intake is a tedious task as well as figuring out number of calories burnt in a day is completely different.

Calorie intake and calorie burn depends on many factors, it’s not something you can relate to “one size fits all” criteria because the metabolic rate of each individual is different and the body of every individual functions differently. Beside this the activity level of each person is different you cannot simply make a conclusion between the calorie intake and calorie burn of two persons, one of which is an athlete and one who does desk job. Some people have very active lifestyle while some have inactive sitting jobs so if you apply the same standard equation of calorie intake and calorie burn then getting accurate numbers is almost impossible.

This is the reason TDEE the short version of Total Daily Energy Expenditure is used to calculate how many calories a person burns keeping in mind the daily physical activity and mode of lifestyle. Factors like Basal Metabolic Rate and activity of the individual are kept in mind to find out how many calories an individual should be eating to fuel the body or how many calories to cut from the diet to lose weight. TDEE is just like a survey form where you have to be very true with your own personal statistics like daily activity, age, height, weight, intensity of workout, lifestyle and body type. Once all the details are entered the tdee calculator figures out your Basal Metabolic Rate, then multiply that value by an activity multiplier.

TDEE calculator lets you plan your fitness goals with almost accurate figures. The figures produced by TDEE calculator can help people in many ways like:

1. People who are looking to get rid of those love handles and belly tire can very easily know how many calories they are eating every day. This way the individual can find out what amount of calories to cut from the diet. This process is same for people looking to gain weight as they can very easily know how many calories to add to gain weight safely.

2. The TDEE calculator helps people know which exercises burn the most calories. This is beneficial for people who are not professional fitness enthusiasts and carry on doing random exercises without knowing how much calorie the exercise burns. But with the help of TDEE calculator the individual finds out which exercises to perform for maximum calorie burn.

3. TDEE calculator helps the individual maintain body weight because changing the diet pattern makes the body heavier or lighter. TDEE calculator easily figures out the things for an individual to prepare a diet plan to follow to get the body he/she has always dreamed of.

4. When a person knows exactly how much calories he/she needs to add or cut from the diet the lifestyle of the person becomes very active. People become more cautious of their food habit and exercise pattern and stick better to their fitness goals without cheating it.

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