Recently there has been an enormous surge in the use of cannabis for medical purposes. Now that we have the technology to understand and manipulate marijuana to our own ends, we are witnessing a significant shift in attitudes. We will look at the ramifications for businesses looking to profit from this change in public perception and legal status.

Recent Developments in Research

The field of cannabis research has opened up recently in response to the decriminalization of marijuana in its various forms. Researchers are now able to identify that THC is the primary substance that gets you high. On the other hand, CBD, used for the best CBD Oils, is a non-addictive substance which can be medically beneficial.

According to NCBI, Scientists now understand that there are ten subclasses of active elements in cannabis. Having determined the different active chemicals in marijuana, research progresses to understand what the potential benefits of such substances are for our bodies.

There are various studies on the topic, but one of the most recent and impactful is the discovery that CBD can be used to treat Parkinson’s disease. This study represents a huge breakthrough and is currently spurring much more interest around what cannabis can do for autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Cannabis can decrease the pain of headaches, especially migraines by almost 50%. This finding is especially significant as it was shown that cannabis derivatives were able to prevent pain more effectively than Ibuprofen. One aim is to have cannabinoids completely replace potentially harmful painkillers with more effective, more benign treatments.

The Recent Development in Laws

As a result of all the positive research, many jurisdictions around the world have significantly lowered their restrictions on cannabis. This change in the law varies from withdrawing penalties for medical use to allowing controlled recreational use. A general shift in attitudes toward drugs helped predicate this move to legalize marijuana.

For years, the best-known country to decriminalize was the Netherlands, with licensed coffee shops opening up to supply the public. The Czech Republic and a few other countries in the EU followed suit by legalizing recreational use and possession for personal use.

The United States, despite its war on drugs, has relaxed its laws on recreational cannabis use in 11 of its 50 states. Furthermore, 33 states have legalized the medical use of the plant. The FDA is considering legalizing all forms of marijuana research across the US.

What is interesting is that Canada also legalized marijuana. Medicinal use has been common there for a long time, indicating a general public acceptance of the plant. Other countries that are in the process of modernizing their laws include South Africa, Peru, and Uruguay.

What This Means

People are waking up to the potential of cannabinoids as medicine. Beyond that, with the rise of CBD oil and other ways of marketing the benefits of the plant, a fantastic opportunity is developing. Several companies market these products online as healthy alternatives to pharmaceutical remedies.

Any company with interests in this area should be aware of the potential for an imminent spike in demand. Technology and research are playing a massive role in pushing the development of cannabis as a substantial market opportunity.

Researchers are also well aware of the business opportunity with millions of dollars pouring into the field. The common goal is to elevate cannabis and its derivatives into the pharmaceutical sphere. Scientists have been very successful with these programs, and with success comes profit. If cannabinoids were to become the new painkillers, now is the time to be investing.

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