The Diglot Weave narratives were first developed in Russia.
The Diglot weave narratives are the key to rapid language learning.Today the best language courses use modern versions of these extrodinary methods.

The best vocal language courses use a system where foreign words are repeated at regular intervals.This technique programs the new words deeper and deeper into your long term memory.

Note the vocal methods are just that, vocal.There's not distracting pictures, no bells and whistles, and no silly gimmicks.For the real key to learning any new language is primarily speech.

The reading versions of diglot weave narratives today, use entertaining stories.It works like this;
You read the stories in your own language, with the foreign words at first sprinkled within sentences.You first listen to the recorded story on CD or tape.Then you read the story out aloud.There are no long winded explanations of what the new foreign words mean, you learn the meanings through context.As your confidence builds more words are added.
Until you reach the stage where you are reading aloud full foreign stories and understanding everything.

These methods are so entertaining you will repeat them again and again each time improving in language speaking / reading ability.

The majority of language courses consist of model sentences where you are expected to learn by rote.
Now how many times do you want to read or speak the same phrase over and over again until you become bored? Or attend language schools where they cram your mind with grammar rules and tons of homework / paperwork?Or where you have to sit silly written exams? No wonder the majority of people give up.They're bored stiff!

Most of these online - internet- commercial courses have a similar problem.They are equally boring.

With the modern Diglot Weave methods you will find that you are able to create your own sentences.
Without textbooks or phrasebooks.

Most important, you will be able to use your new language in a way that works for you!

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Carl Jeremy is publisher of How To Master Any Foreign Language .The manual explains why most language courses fail to make learners into confident speakers, followed by a step by step programme on how to master a new language. He uses the techniques outlined in the manuals to teach French and spanish to learners who desire to become confident speakers. For details visit