Making the Impossible Possible:

Breaking your own four minute mile....The Roger Bannister way

How do you achieve your goals, complete that impossible task or simply carry on when there seems to be an insurmountable mountain in front of you? I take inspiration from the strategy used by the great Sir Roger Bannister. When researching this article I found out all sorts of new and inspirational information about him making my admiration of him even greater. We can all learn lessons from him, then use, apply and prosper from this approach.

Firstly, some history about Sir Roger. Born 23/09/1929 in Harrow Middlesex, he turned out to be a pretty good runner. So good, in fact, that his exceptional speed on the running track and his scholastic results paid off with a scholarship to Oxford University, where he studied medicine. In 1951 he won the British Mile title, going onto The Helsinki Olympics in 1952. where there were great expectations of him to win the 1500 metres. In Helsinki he had what some might describe as a 'Robert Green' moment at England's recent World Cup disaster in South Africa. There were reasons why, but he committed the heinous crime of finishing forth. What is it about us Brits and our desire to create hero's only to try to destroy them? The press slaughtered him! They blamed it on his refusal to join conventional training and coaching programmes which would have interfered with his studies. He always felt little and often was the answer and he would train for only 45 minutes a day.

You can't keep a good man down for long and Sir Roger resolved to redeem himself by breaking the world's record for the mile. That seemingly insurmountable four-minute barrier; still maintaining his training of only 45 minutes a day. Well I'm sure you know that on 6th may 1954 he achieved precisely that, finishing a feat considered to be impossible in a time of 3 minutes 59.40 seconds.

But how did he really do it?

This is the story I was told. Apparently, young Mr Bannister also had a problem with trying to run a sub four minute mile. He had always been told that it was impossible for a man to run that fast! Now at that time running tracks were a quarter of a mile long. He did know the one thing that would make all the difference to his beliefs and subsequent results. He knew he could run one lap of the track in under one minute. That was all he needed to know. All he now had to do was run one lap of the track in under one minute, four times in a row. WOW how simple was that.

This was the motivator that gave him the belief. He broke the task down until he got to a chunk size he knew he could handle. What an amazingly simple thing to do to achieve an extraordinary result. I have tried to apply the same principle throughout the whole of my working life. When faced with a task I find difficult, a large project or even a personal situation where I can't see a positive outcome, I mentally break it up into chunk sizes I know I can achieve. It helps. It really does.

Gaining those small victories on the way to achieving your goal keeps you encouraged and focused. It helps you direct your energy in the right way, which in turn attracts the things you want to happen. Try it yourself and see how much easier it is to achieve what once seemed to be difficult or even impossible.

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